Eagle Country

Alpena, Michigan     1 course · 9 holes     Driving directions

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-  +1 votes  + Christopher Thomas › October 6, 2010
Cool course but next tee not always in sight so look carefully. The alternate tees are hard to locate and not marked well, but looked fun despite being mostly just shorter versions of the regular. Course pars are marked inaccurately but hole signage for the regular tees helps find the baskets which are hidden well. Spotters would be good here on some holes if you have them along for the hike.
-  +1 votes  + Robert Wagner › August 8, 2012
-  +0 votes  + Becky Gilbert › June 18, 2012
needs to be mowed and brushhogged in some areas. Too many wide open holes.. boring. no course map or scorecards.Tees signs were helpful.
-  +0 votes  + Kevin Reddy › August 6, 2012
10 - 18 need better markings and signs, but overall a nice course to play.
-  +0 votes  + Todd Wiley › July 12, 2011
The front nine has had some tee signs vandalized. (Repaired on 7/12/11 by A.J. Stibitz) Hole 5, 6, 7 signs are missing and damage is prevelant on several of the other signs. The course looks fairly clean and maintained with some random trash on the course, likely blown in from the adjacent housing complexes. Quite a few blind drives offerings with many left doglegs. The back nine throw from natural tee areas to the same baskets as the front nine. hole 10 shoots at basket 2, hole 11 at baske ...
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-  +0 votes  + bryon figueroa › April 2, 2011
-  +0 votes  + Daniel J Lee › July 8, 2012
Fun course. Some legitimate good holes here. Including atleast 4 or 5 unique signature holes.
-  +0 votes  + Josh Wieschowski › June 22, 2011
Eagle Country is a short technical course with a variety of shots that will challenge all skill levels. Our course has suffered some vandalism in the past and we struggle to keep it clean and groomed. The back nine can be difficult to locate unless you play with a local. If in the area I would recommend this course to anyone. Its a challenging short course that can be played in an hour and a half.
-  +0 votes  + Derek Stockford › April 9, 2013
Definately a course that should be played if you are in the area. Lots of nice technical holes mixed with longer/more open holes. Balances out the openness of lumberjack course. One downfall is that the back nine are hard to find the teebox, unless you play with a local. And a couple holes kinda crisscross but only would be an issue if there is a lot of golfers on the course. Other than that, its awesome
-  +0 votes  + Dillon Ray Marzicola › October 10, 2011
-  +0 votes  + Neil Duffey › July 29, 2012
when i lived in alpena, i loved going to this course. its just enough challenge to make you want to go back. i never played the "backwards holes" just the first 9... and i have property up there so we play it every summer. the next tee can be difficult to find so i would recommend going w a local once... nice for a northern town like alpena to have a course, and now they have two courses!!! miss living up there.
-  +0 votes  + timothy bradley › April 20, 2013
-  +0 votes  + Kyle Urban › June 18, 2013
-  +0 votes  + Nick Renaud › July 29, 2013
It's a great technical course, and the only problems that I have are not the courses fault.

There's a great deal of garbage all about (Despite the overabundance of trash cans) and it can get rather crowded (Especially on nice warm summer days).

And unfortunately, many of the courses non-league players are douche-scumbag skate punks.
-  +0 votes  + Cole Cosbitt › February 14, 2016
-  +0 votes  + Oscar Gutierrez › August 11, 2014
Great technical course that will challenge everybody's game! The back nine is a bit hard to follow but if you have a map it can be done. My brother and I played 18 here pretty smoothly for our first time playing here. The pars are a bit on the forgiving side but that's not really a problem with me. It's still a very nice course that complements lumberjack meadows