Dry Creek Trail Park

Lehi, Utah     1 course · 12 holes     Driving directions

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-  +3 votes  + Jared Terry › July 21, 2015
Update 7/21/15 This course has become one of my favorites over time. The city of Lehi has spent a lot of time and money in redeveloping this course. This year, three new holes were added, including some new tee pads and a change to the overall layout. New tee signs and course sign are going up this week. Secondary pin positions in place for all holes. Course is shorter for the most part, but has some fun challenging holes that require technical throws. Fully landscaped with grass and we ...
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-  +2 votes  + Jared Kastleman › March 12, 2012
This course is a hidden little gem. Dry Creek plays along a creek which can be deep and swift in some places, because of this water comes into play on several of the holes. All 9 holes have catchy names which is kind of unique. Holes 2 and 4 are big, the tee signs say par 4 but if treated as par 3s can be especially challenging. Baskets are leaning terribly on holes 2 and 9 and the basket on 5 has some issues. Other than that they are quality baskets. Hole 6 throws back at the basket for 1. Ther ...
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-  +2 votes  + Ryan Ranes › October 2, 2010
a fun course u never have to worry about it being busy a fun course to have lots of ace runs at a couple of far holes as well
-  +2 votes  + Tommy Rigby › May 22, 2014
This thing sits right down the street from my house so I get to play it a few times a week. Course layout is excellent considering what they had to work with. Many holes run along the creek which can be moving swiftly at times and can be quite murky so take caution as I have seen many disc disappear without ever returning. The city is doing a big overhaul of the park and giving it a big facelift. Lots of cleaning up and adding new trees, it should be quit the improvement once they are all finish ...
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-  +1 votes  + bear ness › May 31, 2011
Much like nearby Art Dye and Rock Canyon, this course could be so much better with a little effort and organization. Basket #6 has been removed due to construction. The city appears to be making improvements to this course, however, I only hope they are getting input from someone in the disc golf community.
-  +1 votes  + Sam R. › May 16, 2014
Green park with nicely mowed lawn. Largest hazard is water. Only thing that would make this course better is more of it.
-  +0 votes  + magoo Ut › June 14, 2012
i like this course. it gives an option for short and long tees on this website i only know of the one tee per hole. this course is good for the short range practicing but throws a couple long shots in there to keep it interesting. it also looks like they might be adding more holes on the other side of the creek. lets keep our fingers crossed. went again recently seeing the new grass from the freeway but to my dissapointment they have taken out holes 3-6 for the renovation hopefully they will have them back up soon
-  +0 votes  + Robert J › December 17, 2011
nice course, couple long holes
-  +0 votes  + Brandon Coon › April 14, 2015
Course is well maintained and the new holes are very fun
-  +0 votes  + Jake Montoya › July 26, 2012
-  +0 votes  + Phill Cardenaz › March 17, 2013
Tough to play hole 6 when folks are out at the park, but with water nearby it made accuracy key to ensure not losing discs. The course had a little bit of construction going on through hole 2. Make sure you check out the map before running this course as the next hole might be out of the line of sight specifically from hole 2 to 3 and 6 to 7.
-  +0 votes  + James Smith › April 8, 2013
-  +0 votes  + Travis Knight › April 25, 2013
-  +0 votes  + Gene Maendl › June 25, 2013
-  +0 votes  + Jacob Serio › March 30, 2014
Quite entertaining for what it is. Some really cool holes at the end. Wish this was in my neighborhood.
-  +0 votes  + Brad Anderson › November 13, 2013
-  +0 votes  + Dave Hall › November 14, 2013
Long walk but great course
-  +0 votes  + David Jordan › July 16, 2016
Nice little course! The lay out is a little strange on the first half, but at the same time I think the designer made good use of the space that's available. 1 and 10 are kind of a crap shoot. No fairway. Just a bunch of trees in the way. All the other holes are very enjoyable though. I find the name of the course ironic. It's actually very wet!
-  +0 votes  + Seth Hejny › September 18, 2015
-  +0 votes  + Evan Robie › June 20, 2015
Really easy course, but I really like what has been done to it. Lots of nice grass and the new holes are beautiful.
-  +0 votes  + Riley Risto › July 5, 2015
Like the tee pads that point at the baskets, need to redo the signs for the new holes, but I'm sure that's coming soon. Lots of walking in between some of the holes, but hey, we're outside to be active right? Overall, really enjoyed playing here.
-  +0 votes  + Travis Welton › November 16, 2015
Nice clean course
-  +0 votes  + Aaron Cloward › March 14, 2017
Fun course, not overly technical but for a few layouts on the back 6 (8-10). Pleasant view as you play along a small creek through a walking park. Well maintained, and not too busy on most days. Can get a bit windy on holes 3-5.
-  +0 votes  + Holden J › June 28, 2016
-  +0 votes  + Brian Allred › July 26, 2016
I do not like this course, because I do not like holes where you have to "throw and pray", which means there is not a reasonable opening through trees. Some of the holes here are pretty nice, but others, like hole #1, are terrible.
The baskets are nice, but many of them are partially tipped.
If you've never played there before, it is more difficult than normal to find where the first tee is, and to find the next tees and baskets after each hole.
There are times when you have to walk a long way between holes.
Plus, it is like a swamp because it's over-watered.