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THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS    June 1 at 3:30pm

This Sunday will be the series opener. Please have your buy-in ready and remember there is a fee to play Taloali.
I hope to see a good turnout this year as changes to this series are from league patrons suggestions and popular demand.
Buy-in to the points series is not required to play in this weeks D.O.R.C.s league round but the course fee is required. I will be confirming everyone has paid. Taloali is in great shape right now and we are excited at the opportunity to play there this weekend.


Steve Moore    May 16 at 3:53am

** Camp Taloali Update **
I am happy to announce that for those of you that have not come out yet that the course will be open the next 5 weekends for play. Sunday June 18th will be last day open for play till after the normal summer break. At this time donations will be gladly accepted and be used for the fuel and equipment being used on the course to get it back in shape. When reopened this fall it will be a pay to play course and a reopening event is in the planning for September, more detai ... more

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THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   May 16 at 1:44pm

June 4th or June 11th?

Steve Moore   May 16 at 2:15pm

Beast, get hold of David Jackson, sounds like we can make it work. Let him know which Sunday. Thanks

Steve Moore   May 16 at 3:12pm

Let David know date and time you want, reach him on facebook if you don't have number. Don't think he watches here. Let me know when set up or if need anything else, thank you

Steve Moore    April 21 at 3:20pm

I am proud to announce that David Jackson has been approved and accepted for the property manager position for Camp Taloali. This is a big step towards the future of the camp and disc golf course. It will still be a couple weeks or so before the move happens, still some work to do on house to finish it yet for them. Any assistance with house or course is welcome and appreciated, I can be reached to make arrangements as people's time allows. Welcome to you and family and looking forward to working with them. Let's keep it all positive and moving forward.

Matt Bressler   April 21 at 11:44am

Congrats David!

Ira B   April 21 at 9:26pm

Right on!

Steve Moore    April 18 at 4:00am

I would like to invite all disc golfers to join us at Camp Taloali on Saturday, May 13th for a open day of play on the course to come out to see and discuss what is going on with the course these days. It will also be a celebration for my 61st birthday which is actually the 11th. Fees will be waived for the day but donations will be accepted to help further improvements to course, no work required this day. Gate will be open by 9 am and open for the day so show up when you can. Hope to see lots ... more


Steve Moore    March 16 at 11:29pm

What a good day on course today to enjoy the wonderful weather by. Big thanks out to Lee Hartman and Matt Karnes for the assistance today. We were able to measure out (long tape) all 18 holes and basket positions. This will allow me to at least get some basic temp tee signs in shortly, and then will continue with more measurements as time goes on to get detailed info of fairway, important trees, etc.
Camp Taloali Distances
1 214 317
2 216 311
3 247 350 332 off to left
4 380 448
5 310 450
... more

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Mr CLEAN   March 16 at 8:50pm

Disc maybe?

Steve Moore   March 16 at 10:27pm

I think I got a disc today, a nice one. Thanks

Mr CLEAN   March 17 at 12:48am

You deserve it!!!

Steve Moore    March 12 at 8:59pm

From Shelly at Camp Talaoli who was in charge of caretaker house paint party. "Thank you to STEVE for giving me two great helpers, Dave and Justin. These guys rocked it. They painted ALL the main ceilings throughout the house & master bedroom, NOT including the other bedrooms, or bathrooms, or laundry room. We ran out of white paint." I want to put out a big thanks also for their help and for Jenn and the lunch she provided for us. Thanks team.
Afterwards we all got a real nice ro ... more

Bryan B   March 13 at 1:00am

Tournament at Adair otherwise I'd be interested. Hope you get more people.

Steve Moore    March 7 at 2:09am

New Camp Taloali group for all future updates and information. Welcome to come join the cause if interested.


Steve Moore    March 7 at 12:27am

Don't know why the scene doesn't like longer message so this should link to my facebook page with update about the camp.


Jenn Woodward    March 5 at 9:45pm

At this point, if you would like to play this course again it would be nice to get a helping hand from everyone willing and able. Reaping the benefits of those who put effort out shows colors beyond measure. Steve Moore is donating a lot of his time to get camp Taloali back on track for everyone. Whether you agree of what has been done or not, let everyone move forward.

Rick Saffeels   March 5 at 5:32pm

When is the next work day(s) so we can plan better? :)

Jenn Woodward   March 5 at 6:35pm

Right now there isn't one planned. Steve will give an update when he knows the date though.

Steve Moore   March 5 at 7:14pm

I don't have anything planned at moment but will post something next day or two as I can get us in. There is no full time caretaker on the grounds at this time so the gate must stay closed for now.

Ugh Massa    March 5 at 4:30am

Thanks to everyone that came out today, weather was fair. Cleanup of trashcans and fallen trees from windstorms. Hopefully will have date for next work party and round soon. Need to get woodchipper lined up as well. Hopefully we will see continued support from everyone involved.

Steve Moore   March 4 at 11:43pm

Yes thanks to those that made it, I spent my time in long meeting today but that is part of my new job as board member deal with the whole camp not just the course which is my main purpose. If anyone can get a woodchipper deal donation we will plan one day to do all piles we are making now. Also t ... more

christopher beltran   March 5 at 3:05pm

Now is the course open or was it just for these pass Saturdays

Steve Moore   March 5 at 4:14pm

The course is still officially closed, do not have a opening date at this time. There will be some limited access for more work / play days. I will announce them as I know them.

Ugh Massa    February 27 at 4:56am

Want to know how much interest there would be in work party at taloali next Saturday 9-11 followed by BBQ. Then a 10 dollar buy in random dubs round. Pay outs to be voted on before flip by attending players. Must do one hour of work party to play in. Casual rounds of course a go no matter what. Ctps also

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Ugh Massa   March 1 at 4:51pm

we are starting at 9am

Ugh Massa   March 1 at 4:51pm

dont know how much stuff there will be to do. make piles to chip up for walkouts

Jenn Woodward   March 5 at 4:40pm

Your heart is seen behind your efforts, Ugh ❤

Steve Moore    February 26 at 2:40am

My original post didn't work for some reason so instead of retyping try this link to salem disc golfer facebook page for Taloali update


Mr CLEAN    February 22 at 11:12pm

BRADY REESE thanks for all youve done just to make this even possable my friend!!!! LETS HOLD A CHURCH SESSION!!!!


Steve Moore    February 22 at 9:39pm

** Camp Taloali Update **
Good news to pass on this morning as I work with Camp for our course. I just received confirmed word that for the next two Saturday's (2/25 and 3/4) the course will be open for play and cleanup. Gates should be open at 9:00 or very shortly afterward. These two days will be donations accepted to play days to help off set cost of porta potty they provide. Eventually it will be pay to play after some more discussions and details to be worked out. I plan on being up t ... more

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Steve Moore   February 22 at 11:16pm

It will be looked into and I am open to all suggestion, ideas, and such at this point. The camp has new board members, Sylvia is gone, and Richard is retired. Thanks for your interest and comments

Jenn Woodward   February 23 at 11:31am

Dallas is right. If you want a pay to play course, no one should be expected to volunteer. If you don't want a pay to play, everyone should help where they can to take care of the course. It really is not fair of a facility to expect the best of both worlds. That being said, it is a private cou ... more

Steve Moore   February 23 at 7:27pm

Very well said Jenn, I am trying to make this work for all, and it will take folks to make it happen. I am looking for assistance to make this happen, can make no promises about anything at this time other then that. For those that have issues, happy to hear them out as some of them are those I a ... more

Steve Moore    February 21 at 4:34am

** Camp Taloali Update **
Have just received good news from the meeting held today. I have been invited to the camps annual meeting this weekend which I will attend. I will also be applying for a board position and will see if accepted. This is the beginning of good things to follow I believe. Lots of details to work out but also hope to soon begin getting course cleaned up during this process. This is the time now if you want to have some input on the future of a fine course to contact me and ... more

Ugh Massa   February 21 at 12:56am

Happy to hear Steve. Best of luck on the board position

Steve Moore   February 21 at 12:57am

thanks Ugh, and I'll be looking you up when things get going.

Ugh Massa   February 21 at 9:20am

any time mr. Moore

Steve Moore    February 12 at 3:32am

At this time the course is closed to all. I am leading a group of interested disc golfers to work with Camp Board on what can be done to reopen course. It will take some time and effort and further information for now can be found at Thanks and stick around for the outcome to save a great course for play, thank you

Ugh Massa   February 12 at 12:04pm

best of luck steve. let me know if you could use another for anything. im especially good at manual labor haha

Steve Moore   February 12 at 2:58pm

thanks for offer Ugh and will keep in mind when things get going, long road ahead but I need a challenge and love the place to much to not give it my effort

Mr CLEAN    December 6 at 4:39pm

Who is the dumbass that thinks there so self intitled enough to just go dig a hole out at camp taloali without contacting the camp first!!! This was the final straw for them and that fool ****ed the entire community out of the best course around.
Now ima have too see what i can do to hopefully get us back in there... i sense crap city member has some part in this ignorance

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Brady "Church" Reese   December 6 at 3:45pm

:) thanks Tim!

Steve Moore   December 6 at 4:16pm

Brady, let's cross paths or contact me please about this subject. You know my feelings and I may also have some possible options that could help out. Thank you and waiting to hear from you

Brady "Church" Reese   December 7 at 11:06am

Will do thanks Steve!

Caleb Shockey    November 6 at 5:38pm

Why is it closed today

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Mike Wilson   November 6 at 4:37pm

Closed until farther notice

Matt Bressler   November 7 at 2:00pm


Joe chase   November 8 at 7:53pm


- scottishrob -    October 26 at 3:29pm

This Sunday, 10/30/16, is a 5th Sunday. So....we are heading to Camp Taloali. Regular start time, 10am. Costs are all the same with one exception. Camp Taloali has a $5 day use fee for disc golfers. So please make sure that you take that into account when heading out to play. So come on out for some fun. I will be bringing some ctp's as well.


Caleb Shockey    September 24 at 10:52pm

Lost a pink champion valkry on hole 4 didn't go vary far but deep in the bushes