Cade Lake Campground & County Park

Sturgis, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions

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-  +3 votes  + Wes TaylorDeadwood DG › May 14, 2018
Lots of trees but the fairways are well defined so some shots might be tricky but fair. Brand new Veteren baskets catch well. Some areas are so steep that footing can be difficult. Overall well designed course that is fun to play!
-  +3 votes  + Disc Golf GemDeadwood DG › May 17, 2018
This place is beautiful! Definitely a technical wooded course with some elevation. The shorts are fair for easy par while longs offer more of a challenge. All cement tees and new Dynamic Disc veteran baskets. Signage is going to be great when complete! First tee starts just beyond practice basket. My vote is NOT cart friendly...
-  +2 votes  + Andy SmithFactoryDeadwood DG › August 26, 2018
Nice course, shorts play short and longs play long. Good use of the elevation, for a new course it's not too wooded. Nice work!
-  +2 votes  + Tim L.Deadwood DG › July 9, 2018
Tee pad size is perfect and all are level...very well done. Signs up on the long pads for both, so you have to walk back and forth if playing the shorts and need specifics about the hole. Would have been cool to integrate water into one of the holes, but very pleased with the course, nonetheless. Plenty of deuce opportunities from both pads, but require skilled shots. Front nine is overly-lefty-friendly while back 9 caters a little more to the right-handed player. Course is beautiful...completely wooded with lots of elevation changes, but I found a Zuca to be manageable, for the most part.
-  +2 votes  + Dave JenningsDeadwood DG › September 21, 2018
Dynamic Discs veteran baskets. Wooded technical course that offers long and short tee pads, all of which are concrete. Great tee signs (on longs only). The park staff works VERY hard on keeping this course in top notch condition. Definitely worth checking out.
-  +2 votes  + Jaron MalloDeadwood DG › May 23, 2018
Great course, has great potential. Pros: great baskets, great tees, good challenges, a committed Parks department, camping on site, Sturgis not too far, money has gone into this course. Cons: shorts have several holes at 150 ft, some dangerous teepads where they are not far from the basket/fairway before. Nothing too serious thou. Overall I like this course, it's fun and challenging and it is welcomed into the area! I think this course can make it to a A- with a little more grooming/br ...
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-  +1 votes  + Nick "Fooch" Fucinari WPDDeadwood DG › September 2, 2018
-  +1 votes  + Brandon KinseyDeadwood DG › May 17, 2018
Loads of potential. Rough in a few spots but you can tell the county is investing in this course. Elevation changes, good mix of short and long, some holes are pretty tight.
-  +1 votes  + Joel CookDeadwood DG › July 6, 2018
Great tee pads, lots of room. Fairly easy to navigate. Nice tee signs. Didn't have to look very hard to find the first tee. Some of the fairways could have more of a "line",Pure luck if you get thru. Very little undergrowth.
-  +1 votes  + Kevin HarrisDeadwood DG › August 4, 2018
Very fun course to play. Lots of trees forcing you to make accurate shots. The trees that you can hit with your hand on the tee pad while throwing should be removed. Went around four times Saturday morning and had the course to ourselves.
-  +1 votes  + Eric "Downtown" BrownDeadwood DG › October 12, 2018
Deadwood yep the name fits!! Deadwood everywhere! Tons of trees in the fairways and outside the fairways.Short tee holes seem shorter than most courses but I think that was a good design choice so as to not discourage new disc golfers.Good use of elevation to add extra challenge.Variety of shots needed to score well on this course. Some of the elevation changes are very steep making it difficult to traverse.No bugs today but being wooded near water there could be days where the bugs are flat out ...
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-  +0 votes  + Scuba SteveDeadwood DG › July 12, 2019
-  +0 votes  + Jack BungartDeadwood DG › March 24, 2019
-  +0 votes  + Brian PersonetteDeadwood DG › February 13, 2019
Cade has really come around since it first opened last year. Great job to everyone the and thank you to Cade Lake Campground
-  -1 votes  + Jess PrestonDeadwood DG › January 17, 2019
This is a tight technical course. You will be awarded for hitting your lines and punished if you miss. Both short and long tees on most holes. I love the veteran baskets and they look great!
-  -2 votes  + Aaron GabrielseDeadwood DG › August 26, 2018
Not terrible. But below average for sure. First couple holes are kinda decent. Then the next few holes are below average lines off the tee. Challenging obnoxious but could be challenging and rewarding fun if pins were moved a bit or got rid of some trees. Then it seems as if the designers felt like they were gonna run out of room so they threw in a few real short holes that can be jump putted from the shorts. Then they realize they had more room than they thought so the last hole is a 720 ft bomb over swamp. Why not!? I would play again but not planning on going back.
-  -6 votes  + Wade TFDeadwood DG › July 9, 2018
Cade lake course is horrific. The holes do not make any sense. The lines are not shaped like any disc flies. If you think I'm lying please try to get a round in there beforehand. It's so difficult it's dumb its so dumb its difficult. I tried to like the course because I like the property. I stayed at the campground for a week hoping for a good design like Meyer Broadway but was severely disappointed. Remove trees or move baskets. This course sucks. You can't find your discs because the holes are so blind it's ridiculous. Sad and just a bad addition to Michigan disc golf.