Cache County Fairgrounds

Logan, Utah     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions

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-  +2 votes  + Brock Taylor › June 6, 2014
Great course, it was very well planned out and has a good mix of challenging shots and a lot of distance. Only downside is that it's a very public area, lots of people out doing things in the fairways, but that's to be expected at a fairgrounds!
-  +1 votes  + Brodey Hansen › May 22, 2014
Nearly perfect course
-  +1 votes  + Bob Davies › May 23, 2014
If your looking for a course that is challenging and peaceful this is your course. The fairgrounds property provides great fairways and lines, many holes require an upshot even on good drives. Good to see a course where every hole isn't a drive and putt hole. The water that flows thru the course offers great challenge and adds to the beauty of the park. And the tall trees frame your shots while providing much needed shade.
-  +1 votes  + Benjamin J Shore › November 11, 2014
Great course with longer holes that require a good drive and approach. One really cool basket placement in the trunk of a tree along the side of a river. The fairgrounds is a high traffic area there are quite a few events so you have to watch out for cars parked on the outskirts of holes. Also the only course where you see inmates playing disc golf during the morning hours they take really good care of the course/fairgrounds. This course is so nice I'm thinking of NOT paying my speeding tickets so I can play there all day long while the government provides me 3 hots and a cot.
-  +0 votes  + Stu Jensen › August 31, 2014
I love this course. It has brand new tee-signs that help, and the fairways are manicured and pristine. My only complaint is the tee-pads. Most are on the pavement and concrete, which are better than dirt, but not all are flat and some are actually throwing from ob. Watch for other park users (campers, events, equestrians, etc). There are many unusual mandos that effected my rating as well. Hole 15 has a odd left mando that takes the river out of the drive forcing an awkward anhyze or flick shot. ...
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-  +0 votes  + Nick Bosovich › January 20, 2016
Fun course with good variation of shots. Course has some mandos making those holes play more difficult.
-  +0 votes  + Ryan Ranes › October 28, 2012
would be one of the best courses in utah if it was permanent
-  +0 votes  + Markus Mika › July 18, 2014
Great course, unfortunately it's so busy with people blocking several holes for play.
-  +0 votes  + Jacob Serio › May 23, 2014
Probably the nicest grassy course I've ever played. Great layout with some really cool holes.
-  +0 votes  + Eric Lundstedt › June 21, 2014
Awesome. Just go play it.
-  +0 votes  + Spencer Christiansen › June 1, 2014
Some tees are not well-marked or marked at all. Able to guess using the course map. Some holes are pretty difficult for beginners, such as myself. Overall, this is very nice course and super fun to play, I plan on playing here a lot in the future.
-  +0 votes  + David Alger › July 22, 2015
Great variety of holes and technical skill required. Sometimes partial hole closures due to reservations or activities being held though, so please be courteous.
-  +0 votes  + Blake Balkman › November 5, 2014
other than the fact that kids were running around the course, and the hole next to the rodeo grandstands is not clearly marked, this is the best course around. so much fun and great signage.
-  +0 votes  + Andrew Jensen › April 15, 2015
Nice park setting with good mix of easy to tough holes.
-  +0 votes  + Jesse Adams › March 4, 2016
-  +0 votes  + Bradley Bauer › March 29, 2016
-  +0 votes  + Kesler Martin › April 6, 2016
-  +0 votes  + Zachary Boardman › March 17, 2017
Always love playing this course! Can get busy in they summer, but any great disc golf course can!
-  +0 votes  + Ryan Reed › August 3, 2018
-  -1 votes  + Dustin Hanson › September 8, 2015
I love the course and the set-up. But on a holiday there were a ton of college kids there just goofing around. We almost got hit more than once without anyone giving any warning. It was a little aggravating since I had my kids there with me.