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The skins event at Black & White was a pretty memorable one bringing in a large group of players and even having our first women's card. Burchfield was not only a fun couple of rounds but it was also a great learning experience for a couple of new players that came down for the day. Ed DeVries showed the greatest amount of improvement for the day walking in with just an overhand throw and leaving the course with a backhand and a pretty good putt! That in itself is a victory. Also this round we had one of our sponsors Bishop Performance, playing with us getting more familiar with the sport. Good times. In this video I also decided to play with a few things and add some effects. I have been wanting to learn new things for the videos and just added them just because.

Keep an eye out for the Pennsylvania destination trip, that is the next video on the horizon. Thanks for watching.
Christopher StrasburgerJune 7, 2012 at 11:18pm
well done video
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