Burchfield Park

Holt, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Cory Ferrin    April 18 at 3:53pm

Lost a pink Roc3 in the pool of water on the left side of hole 11 on Rivers Edge. Name and number are on the inside rim.


Andrew LaCross    April 15 at 10:32pm

I was going to be in the area for a day of disc golf tomorrow with a buddy... I was wondering if I could get some feed back.. Spend our day at this course or spend the day in laingsburg playing sleepy hollow and maybe pine hill dgc???

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steve nolff   April 15 at 11:08pm

Not my home course, but this is a destination course complex. Play both Burch courses.

steve nolff   April 15 at 11:11pm

Go to Disc Golf Course Review and read some reviews on the courses you listed. My buddy BogeyNoMore has some awesome reviews to give you some input.

Andrew LaCross   April 16 at 9:53am

Burchfeild in 20!!

Josh Allen    March 21 at 12:21pm

Planning on playing Devils Den and would like to throw Rivers Ege. Anyone know if any parts of it are currently unplayable?

Larry Dalimonte   March 21 at 1:06pm

I played it last Saturday and its fine in the front 9 but the back is a little soggy. Mostly along holes 10,11,12,15 with 12 being the worst as it has some shallow pools in the fairway. But if you stay in the fairways beyond that should be smooth sailing.

Brandon Lovely    March 15 at 11:23am

I'm planning on playing a round on Devils Den On this Thursday


Spencer Morris    February 17 at 1:39pm

Supposed to be warming up this weekend, anyone trying to get a round in Saturday?

Andew "Chedder" Wonch   February 17 at 7:30pm

There is a tournament At Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge Saturday if you are interested!

Spencer Morris   February 18 at 1:50pm

I was not aware! thank you

Frank Garcia    December 30 at 9:50pm

Is this course still open & are there certain times?

Mike Varrone   December 30 at 10:23pm

course is open dusk till dawn .does not charge this time of year to get into park but does require daily pass. cost 4? well worth it !!

Frank Garcia   December 30 at 11:28pm

sweet thanks, do you happen to know what condition the course is in right now? snowy or muddy?

Erin Oakley   December 31 at 8:47am

Original course is great. Rivers Edge isn't too bad either. May be a little muddy in spots but overall good condition for this time of year!

Kris Kares    December 23 at 11:20pm

Will it be open tomorrow if I wanna come rip some disc

Chris Booker   December 24 at 9:23am

We have the same plan.

jeff j    November 9 at 9:16pm

is the office still open to pay at? also played here one time last year ,what layout do most people play, not long throwers we are older, last time played long to short, it that the most popular?

Larry Dalimonte   November 9 at 10:01pm

I think there is usually someone in the main building by the parking lot year round. If there is traffic on the course usually someone patrols in a vehicle to collect. The most popular layout I imagine is short to short as it is the most casual friendly layout and can be played in all seasons. If yo ... more

Rodney L   November 9 at 10:01pm

The front entrance booth hasn't been manned in a while but there are usually people inside the clubhouse or out on the course to collect fees. As for layout, long to short puts more demand on your tee game requiring accurate distance control and placement. Short to long will give you some mor ... more

jeff j   November 9 at 10:47pm

thank you for the responses fellas , looking foward to playing there again . I remember it being a top notch course.will be making the drive from Saginaw to play. thank you both again

Matt Sowle    November 7 at 8:13am

Anyone throwing today? I might get out there around 12 or might go to the woods idk


zach miller    October 19 at 12:09pm

Anybody throwing today


Matt Sowle    October 15 at 5:44pm

Lost a crystal flx buzz clear. It means a lot to me reward if found plz and thanks. I lost it on 8

Matt Sowle   October 15 at 5:45pm

devils den "renegade trail"

zach miller    October 10 at 1:14pm

Is anybody throwing today?? Pm if you are !!


zach miller    September 27 at 12:57pm

Anybody throwing today??


Christopher McIntosh    September 26 at 4:43pm

Found a Yellow Innova Star 171 gram Archon Distance Driver on the Rivers Edge course on hole 18 about halfway up the fairway today. No name or number on the disc. I came up to Burchfield Park for the first time today with my friend. I am from Battle Creek, if there was a way to include a picture of the disc I would put it on here. If this is yours please respond to this message. We will work out a way to get this disc back to you.


zach miller    September 24 at 1:50pm

Im headed to the course if anybody wants to join me for a round..


zach miller    September 23 at 12:00pm

Does anybody want to throw a round today??

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Ian mattoon   September 23 at 2:02pm

Me and some buddies will be there from 3:30 for a little while playing a couple rounds

zach miller   September 23 at 2:24pm

You think you could help me with a lift??

zach miller   September 23 at 2:41pm


zach miller    September 21 at 12:06pm

im thinking about playing a round today but dont know anybody herr because i just moved here.. Does anybodu want to play a round today??

Ian mattoon   September 21 at 12:27pm

Can't today but hit me up anytime, would love to catch a round at any if the lansing area courses with ya.

zach miller   September 21 at 5:01pm

ok sounds good

Chris Booker    September 20 at 8:24pm

My wife left my Red MVP Inertia in the field by hole one. This is my baby. Please return. I'll trade for it back. I think my name or my PDGA number is on it.

Kevin Boynton   September 21 at 11:52am

I'll keep my eyes open, Chris. I'll be out there today at some point.

Chris Booker   September 21 at 12:44pm

thanks... She was tossing it back and forth between the baseball field and the volleyball court.

zach miller    September 18 at 10:25pm

i lost my glow thunderbird on hole 3 right before the short tee pad
reward if found and returned


Jessica Ferris    September 13 at 9:34pm

Lost a yellow firebird on the left side of hole 17 when throwing on 15 of Devil's Den. While there is ink on it, I don't remember if it was my number or not. Reward for its return.