Burchfield Park

Holt, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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zach miller    3 days ago

Is anybody throwing today?? Pm if you are !!


zach miller    September 27 at 12:57pm

Anybody throwing today??


Christopher McIntosh    September 26 at 4:43pm

Found a Yellow Innova Star 171 gram Archon Distance Driver on the Rivers Edge course on hole 18 about halfway up the fairway today. No name or number on the disc. I came up to Burchfield Park for the first time today with my friend. I am from Battle Creek, if there was a way to include a picture of the disc I would put it on here. If this is yours please respond to this message. We will work out a way to get this disc back to you.


zach miller    September 24 at 1:50pm

Im headed to the course if anybody wants to join me for a round..


zach miller    September 23 at 12:00pm

Does anybody want to throw a round today??

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Ian mattoon   September 23 at 2:02pm

Me and some buddies will be there from 3:30 for a little while playing a couple rounds

zach miller   September 23 at 2:24pm

You think you could help me with a lift??

zach miller   September 23 at 2:41pm


zach miller    September 21 at 12:06pm

im thinking about playing a round today but dont know anybody herr because i just moved here.. Does anybodu want to play a round today??

Ian mattoon   September 21 at 12:27pm

Can't today but hit me up anytime, would love to catch a round at any if the lansing area courses with ya.

zach miller   September 21 at 5:01pm

ok sounds good

Chris Booker    September 20 at 8:24pm

My wife left my Red MVP Inertia in the field by hole one. This is my baby. Please return. I'll trade for it back. I think my name or my PDGA number is on it.

Kevin Boynton   September 21 at 11:52am

I'll keep my eyes open, Chris. I'll be out there today at some point.

Chris Booker   September 21 at 12:44pm

thanks... She was tossing it back and forth between the baseball field and the volleyball court.

zach miller    September 18 at 10:25pm

i lost my glow thunderbird on hole 3 right before the short tee pad
reward if found and returned


Jessica Ferris    September 13 at 9:34pm

Lost a yellow firebird on the left side of hole 17 when throwing on 15 of Devil's Den. While there is ink on it, I don't remember if it was my number or not. Reward for its return.


Andew "Chedder" Wonch    September 1 at 2:45pm

Looking to throw today if anyone is interested! Let me know

Ian mattoon   September 1 at 3:08pm

Come play dubs at Grand woods tonight. Tee off at 6

Andew "Chedder" Wonch   September 1 at 3:10pm

I have to meet rinker at 6:30 or i would and im brome till Thursday lol

Rodney L    August 29 at 8:56pm

A friend lost a Vibram Lace on hole 6 on Devil's Den. Right side, short of short basket, somewhere even with the sand trap. Reward if found.


Chris Booker    August 22 at 12:10pm

Is rivers edge playable?

Daniel Tornow   August 22 at 12:39pm

yes, played yesterday. its dry and there are some mosquitos back by the river, bit i didnt even use any repellent.

Chris Booker   August 22 at 4:25pm


Rodney L   August 22 at 9:56pm

Was very playable this morning

Kirk Dunlap    August 21 at 1:15pm

Hey everyone. I'll be playing here all day. If anyone wants to come out for a round with me at anytime today just let me know. You can call or text me at 517-599-6631.

Chris Booker   August 21 at 4:36pm

ill be out there in about an hour or soo..

Joe Wingett    August 13 at 11:06pm

Are the courses cart friendly? Taking a trip soon...

steve nolff   August 13 at 11:09pm

Yup. Both course here are very cart friendly.

Larry Dalimonte   August 13 at 11:43pm

Original course should be fine but a heads up, with the recent rainfall I'm assuming rivers edge will be at best very soggy at this point. Also bring bug spray.

Timmy Redman   August 14 at 7:20am

There are a few holes that are difficult with a cart but it's not too bad

Adam Farero    August 6 at 11:35am

Lost a pink mamba on 13 in the woods on the left. I just started playing in June and this is the first disc I lost. Reward if found.


jeff j    August 4 at 11:35pm

how is the mosquitos now? I heard they were quite bad ...driving from Saginaw I have spray but heard they were too thick for that to help much.

Ian mattoon   August 4 at 11:59pm

I was there tonight and spay did the trick. Not nearly ad bad as a few weeks ago.

Dan Chando   August 5 at 10:49am

devil's den was fine on Monday. Rivers Edge was unplayable for us, we had to stop after 9, and we had lots of bug spray

jeff j   August 5 at 4:19pm

thank you guys

brian van loon    July 19 at 4:50pm

Lost a pink big z crank right side of short basket reward for return

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brian van loon   July 19 at 5:44pm

whoops on 7...it would probably help huh

Tyler alfano   July 19 at 11:11pm

Must've lost a crank on every hole right side of short baskets lol

brian van loon   July 26 at 9:46pm

haha sounds about right

William Freed    July 13 at 8:51am

Lost a red gstar boss on hole 2 of rivers edge during ccr. Caught the leaves off the tee in warm ups And hyzerd out near the pine trees on the left. Name and number are on disc, but I really love the boss so figured if post here.


Tyler alfano    July 13 at 8:46am

Lost a yellow c e firebird on the right side of hole 8 of riversedge. Nice reward for return name and number on disc


O.B. Lee Riddering    July 7 at 9:07am

This is my new favorite place to disc. They offer a great open field course and a challenging wooded course. The open field course has 2 tees and 2 pins per hole, so you can switch it up. Really beautiful and really worth a trip.

Kyle Mihatsch---Team Tilley's   July 9 at 7:02pm