Arthur Latham Park

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Chris Blackhurst    April 12 at 10:12am

Tri city bag tags season opening round which will determine the #1 tag will be at Chippewa banks (midland) at noon on April 16th. The tags are $10 a piece and there are 100 total this year. The weather is going to be great according to the forecast. So come one come all who will end up winning #1?


James Myers    December 10 at 9:07am

Where is hole one

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Mark Stephens   December 10 at 9:47am

I posted a photo in the comments for the course of the 21 hole loop.

Josh Russell   December 10 at 8:04pm

Due north of the north parking lot. 30' or so west of the old restrooms.

Jeff Hill   December 12 at 1:48pm

Mark's map can be found two comments down under Zak L's post on August 6. Click on "show all 6 comments" and you'll see the link to his map. Baskets 4 through 7 are played after 18, and there is also a #10 basket you will come across after #9 of the original course on your way to #11. Leagues usually play the 22 basket loop including #10.

Zak L    September 24 at 7:28pm

Noticed a few concrete teepads got put in...good stuff


Zak L    August 6 at 4:03pm

Is there anyone out there who could maybe give a better idea on how to properly play the course from start to finish?.. The 9 with the orange baskets was easy to navigate but the 9 infront of the park threw me for a loop...both start with "hole 1" signs and the signage on the front 9 (grey baskets) was quite confusing. I was on hole 5 or 6 and suddenly the signs said I was at hole 11 and to play 8, 9, 10 I had to walk to the ball field... Walked over to it, got even more confused. Anyone who feels like they can explain it is appreciated.

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Zak L   August 6 at 6:54pm

Lol. I think I got it. When u say "original" that's the 9 with orange baskets? Thanks for the help.

Zak L   August 6 at 6:58pm

Ohhhhhhh OK. Picture helped a lot. I got it now. Thanks again, Mark

Mark Stephens   August 6 at 7:01pm

Yeah I had the map for that event. Found it to be very helpful. Enjoy!

Jamie Gosen    July 28 at 1:20pm

Found a disc yesterday on 3? last name Babcock, no other info on the disc. Shoot me a text with color/type and I'll return it (810) 247-1121.


Shane Emmons    July 20 at 12:18pm

This year's Ace Race is August 15 in Frankenmuth.

If you still haven't signed up for this year's Ace Race, here's a reason to signup early. Current prizes include a Grip C15 page, a Westside Black Basket additional plastic and more. Cash prize will also be up for grabs if at least 50 participants signup.

P.S. If you haven't seen it, this year's disc is a Putter! The full player pack will be revealed later today.


donny v    July 17 at 9:28am 90+ degrees this Saturday? Not to worry, we have plenty of shade at Mill Creek and a cool place in our clubhouse to hang with fridges for your cold ones and food. Real restrooms with running water too! You can even dip your feet into the nice, clean and shallow Mill Creek on hole 18 Join us for an awesome experience at our private course this Saturday for the Mill Creek Class ... more


donny v    July 9 at 9:27am

2015 Mill Creek Classic disc golf tournament

On Saturday, JULY 18th, come on out to Mill Creek for our tournament the "2015 Mill Creek Classic"
The course is getting bigger and better every week! Play the "Classic 18" holes in the AM round followed by the "Final 9" holes after the Lunch break. Will more course records be broken this time?

Pre-reg here on the scene! Message me for directions! Be here and sign in before 9 AM the day of tourney, JULY 18th.


Oscar Gutierrez    June 27 at 11:50am

How is the course after that tornado?

Brandon Tolliver   June 27 at 12:01pm

Wasnt even touched. All good

Oscar Gutierrez   June 27 at 5:28pm

Great to hear

Steve Brown    June 19 at 8:08pm

Played the new holes today for the first time. Great course design.


Jay B    June 13 at 3:09pm

Left pink star katana on left side of hole 6 on the original course it turned over nice and got down the fairway 3/4 up just forgot to pick it up, info on rim, please return


Mark Stephens    June 11 at 6:21pm

The Tree Love Classic is next Saturday, June 20th, at the newly expanded Arthur Latham Park made possible by a generous grant by Discraft and the Michigan Disc Golf Organization. We have bought $1200 in all new plastic and we will have some of the latest releases for payouts and for sale including the USASGC Buzzz SS and the Proto Star Colts. We hope that you all can make out and be a part of the first ever PDGA event at this course! We will be playing 2 Rounds of 21 Holes. The format ... more


Darren Harper    June 8 at 10:47pm

Played 25 holes, Rick hunt gave us the tour very fun round with king stoney Hamel and rick. Place is gonna be sweet when totally manicured. Some nice use of water and hills and OB. Thanks again rick.


donny v    June 8 at 8:59am

Anyone up for a fundraising tourney this Saturday at Mill Creek before next weekend's "Tree Love Classic" at your new Millington course? We're finally getting some DG love in the thumb of the "Glove" Croswell is building an 18 hole DG course too!
Cashless Pre-Registration here on the scene. Shoot me a message and I'll give you the address and add you to the event! Mill Creek is a private course approx. 1 hr south of Arthur Latham Park. Thanks for your support! donnyv


Jon Camp    June 7 at 6:46pm

Monday night random draw doubles league 6pm


Josh Hanson    June 7 at 6:37pm

1st time out there today. Enjoyed the new 18 with Rick Hunt! Sounds like the course is coming along well... look forward to what the future brings for a "diamond in the rough".


Oscar Gutierrez    May 15, 2015 at 11:12pm

How's the course looking? Playable? Looking to play a round tomorrow there

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Mark Stephens   May 16, 2015 at 8:25am

Work is on going for the additional hole and they have not been installed yet if that is what you are referring to

Oscar Gutierrez   May 17, 2015 at 12:34am

I went and played, really wet in some areas. I just wasn't sure if the original nine was still in the ground or if it was getting redesigned

Josh Russell   May 17, 2015 at 9:35am

Glad to hear that they are working on it. The property has the potential of being one of the best.

Mark Stephens    April 8, 2015 at 10:35am

Just to expand on Donny's post. I had submitted a proposal through the MDGO for an 18 hole expansion of the course which was selected and the baskets are generously being provided by Discraft at no cost. We are anticipating having these additional 18 baskets installed and ready for use near the end of May.


donny v    April 8, 2015 at 9:11am

27 holes! Thanks MDGO, Discraft and Mark Stevens for helping out us Thumbers! Now we'll have two 27 hole courses up here in the sticks! I still call dibs for the MVP HQ secret proving grounds :)

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Mark Stephens   April 8, 2015 at 10:44am

For sure. I tried in 2013 as well but lost out. 2014 submitted again and was awarded

Josh Russell   April 8, 2015 at 11:01am

Glad to here it. Latham park is a disc golf course designers dream come true. Can't wait till its done. The property is awesome. With 27 holes, it should be a discer's paradise. I'm sure to be there very often.

Brandon Tolliver   April 8, 2015 at 11:43am

Glad our park gets used.

Oscar Gutierrez    May 25, 2014 at 12:51am

When is the other 9 holes suppose to be added?

Dennis Dutcher   May 25, 2014 at 9:13am

As soon as we have sponsors for the first 9. We have eight more to go.

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