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Tyler Franklin    August 10 at 3:29am

Left 2 firebirds at waterloo yesterday. One was a pearly white pro firebird (prerty much champion plastic.) Massive reward for its return. Its my favorive disc in my bag. I left it on hole 18 right at dark. The first person on the course today probably found it. And the other was a fly dye champ firebird. Quite large reward for its return as well. However i dont know what hole i lost this one on. I just know it was at waterloo. Please please please help them come home. Call or text me at 503-983-8882.


Ugh Massa    June 17 at 1:06am

Soaring for sobriety pdga sanctioned c-tier at dexter tomorrow. Fundraiser for serenity lane. Day of registration open toll 830 am FIRM. everyone's favorite ugh massa will be there. 2 rounds of 18 BBQ ring of fire prizes and raffle. I think there's a kayak :)

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Ugh Massa   June 17 at 12:52am

come on down shaun! me and Jenn are camping down here. should be fun

Shaun Kirk   June 17 at 9:48pm

had to work, played pier and champoeg after so it was still a good day of golf.

Ugh Massa   June 17 at 10:56pm

Nice. It was a real fun and well organized event. Huge BBQ for lunch they had a drone too. It was like a little tiny beaver state fling. I heard they were going to try to get a big added cash for pro next year. I shot terrible but had a good time. Oh and it didn't run late at all. First tourney I've had that happen haha

Locals Route Disc Golf    June 11 at 2:41am


Do you like disc golf?
Do you like fun?
Well come on out to the Lucky Huck 3 presented by Locals Route Disc Golf on Saturday, September 16th!! : )
This is the Taloali Disc Golf Course Grand Re-Opening and its going to be a day to remember : )
Lucky Huck and Locals Route is all about good fun, good people, and good vibes, so come ready to have a great time on a beautiful piece of property and get ready to enjoy yourselves : )

htt ... more


bryan van fleet    March 30 at 3:04pm

OK me and Brad finally got it up we have got the Psych Ward Club for Thursday league at the hospital.
Come follow us to see the newest information on Thursday Salem local league which is usually nothing LOL
We have divisions based on people to show up usually just pro and am but we will also alternate playing doubles also which
Today we might do our first. You don't have to pay to play that is just for the competitive side of some of us. Four dollars is buy in which goes to hundr ... more

Mr. Snap   March 31 at 8:31pm

Our Thursday lg starts in May and will feature a venue in Salem, Lebanon and Corvallis.

Slick WIllie    February 14, 2016 at 1:56am

Any activity in the Loo comming up?

Mr. Snap   February 13, 2016 at 10:46pm

yearly points race lg will start the week following the calipooia putting lg finale...and race for the cup #2 will be in April....alternate pin locations are in the works...and its still the best course around to learn the value of staying in the fairway aswell as how to recover and scramble and if you dont have a forehand shot waterloo will teach yeah!....see ya on the green!

Slick WIllie   February 14, 2016 at 12:30am

No I ment like wingers and flingers stuff Carl.

Mr. Snap   February 14, 2016 at 1:43am

indeed that stuff is W&F the points race is 16 weeks long in self and host 2 events per week...and ill be hosting the RFTC#2 along with our annual Smoke on the Water will be posted here on the scene