The Secret Handshake Gang

Est. 2002 • We Play Everyday, All year round!

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Tom Harrigan   3 days ago

SHG Members

Current Secret Handshake Gang Members
1) Tracy "Faygee Bob" Fagan
2) Tom "Schloob" Schlehuber
3) Bill "Coach" "Shoopa" "Billy Bob" Shomaker
4) Reid "That One Guy" Brooks
5) Scott "Slam Bob" Lammers
6) Todd "Toddzilla" "Uncle Todd" Lewis
7) Tom "Harry Bob" Harrigan
8) Phil "McCrackin" Popa
9) Glen "Big G" Eisenhauer

Uncle Todd-CJLP President "Disc Golf Course Design"   3 days ago

Hope to see all my brothers in arms this weekend! Lets get this done and get playin!