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Jeff Bauman   June 23 at 11:08am

Friday Night Discin At Addison Oaks

Due to the fireworks at Stony this Friday we'll be at Addy this week boom!


Jeff Bauman   June 10 at 1:09pm

Getting Ready For The Great Lakes Open

Clean up / work day at Stony this Tuesday. We'll be up there all day then have league at 6pm. After all these years we finally have a pro A tier up here! Let's get our stony courses into shape.

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mike walker   June 11 at 11:44am

ill have ur disc flick i think.

donny v   June 11 at 4:35pm

thanks mike. if my brother Michael is feeling well we'll be up there sometime Tues

mike walker   June 11 at 7:23pm goin for 10 am

Jeff Bauman   May 24 at 5:02pm

Teusday Night League At River Bends Tonight

Tee off at 6


Jeff Bauman   May 9 at 11:39am

2016 Membership Packages Are On The Way!

This Friday we will be handing out your membership packages. Members get their choice of shirt colors (while supplies last of course) We have Sapphire, Ash, White, Gold and Electric Green to choose from.

You can become a club member at anytime during the season but you may only get two generic discs of your choice from our stock. I did order a few extra shirts and discs just in case tho. So if you wanted to get the 2016 club swag this is probably your last chance cause they probably wont last long.


Jeff Bauman   March 29 at 10:58pm

Tuesday Night Sanctioned Singles At Stony Starts Next Week!

Here we go! Week 1 is next week April 5th.


Jeff Bauman   March 25 at 12:35pm

Innova Order Coming Up

If you want something in particular, check their catalog & let me know asap! See you at Stony tonight!


Jeff Bauman   March 14 at 10:29am

Course Clean Up At Stony

Tomorrow we need a few soldiers to attack the hill on hole 12 of the green. 10:00 am. Bring gloves!

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Douglas Fresh   March 14 at 8:31pm

You don't appreciate phallic artwork, J?

Jessica J   March 14 at 9:00pm

LMFAO let me say well said and not following my sense of keyboard diarrhea and saying penis figurines lol jk. no phallic artwork for this woman, only the other D=disc appreciation. altho I have to say the political viewpoints on some of the posts are comical

John Minicuci   March 15 at 12:42am

Thank you Jeff Bauman for organizing this. Thank you Jeff Hollinger for doing what you can and when you can. The same to anyone who takes pride in our DG community. Thank you Jessica for cleaning up the rubbish. Tee signs are not places for phallic art or political views. Leave the signs alone to simply sit there and communicate distances and or hole #2 to those who are new to the course.

Jeff Bauman   January 18 at 3:07pm

Last Call For Club Hoodies.

The order will be placed in the next couple days. Get ahold of me if your interested.

brent moreno "WPD"   January 21 at 7:07pm

Black x large

Jeff Bauman   January 13 at 8:12pm

Innova Order Coming Up!

A couple hot new releases from Innova too. The first 14 speed Innova driver. 1st run G Star Colossus, AJ Tee Birds, DX Roc 3's.

Check out the entire Innova online catalog and get back to me with your order.

Also if anyone wants a club hoodie or wants to get a garment embroidered with our club logo, you have one more week to get your order to me.

Jeff Bauman   January 15 at 8:56am

Sorry for the early notice but this is the last call for the innova order. Placing it today before all the 1st run Colossus are gone. Good luck!

Christian Doman   January 16 at 12:15am

I would like to get another hoodie. ST235 - 2xl - grey and forest green - Doman 34999. FB message your Paypal for prompt settlement. Thanks!

Jeff Bauman   January 8 at 8:07pm

Get Your 2016 PDGA Memberships With A Discount!

This is the discount code provided by the MDGO for the 2016 membership renewal.

This is a 20% discount code for NEW members.
Thank you Terry "The Disc Golf Guy" Miller and SmashBoxxTV!


Jeff Bauman   January 7 at 10:48am

2016 Events


SUN - Winter travel League. Starts in December ends in March
TUE - Tuesday Night Singles. Starts April 5 (PDGA sanctioned league)
WED - Team Stony Jr's. Starts in June
FRI - Friday Night Discin @ Stony. Starts March 25
FRI - Glowie @ Stony. Starts in September


Sept 25 - League Finals
Oct 22 - Tournament of Champions - (PDGA rated divisions)
Oct 23 - Tournament of Champions - B tier
Dec 4 - Stone Cold - C tier

Gonna be a great year of golf here in the D! Cant wait!


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Henry Theodoroff   January 7 at 5:01pm

sanctioning a tuesday night league at stony is the best news ever

[member not found]   January 7 at 5:51pm

Glow at stonny hell Yah and sanctioned nice

brent moreno "WPD"   January 7 at 7:59pm

Cant wait to play stony sanction league

Jeff Bauman   January 5 at 2:15pm

More Club Hoodies!!!

Pre order yours today! $40

Here are your choice of colors and sizes. Enjoy!

PM me with your order. And tell your internet deficient friends.

Jessica J   January 5 at 8:36pm

is there a way to get a zip up team stony!?like those discraft ones!

Jeff Bauman   January 5 at 8:48pm

Go to that link above and search for it. They have them.

Jeff Bauman   December 31 at 1:39pm

Have A Safe & Happy New Year Eve Everyone!

And let's have a great 2016!


Jeff Bauman   December 23 at 12:20pm

Get Your Club Hoodies!

For those who bought club hoodies, they will be at Firefighters tonight for glow skins, Stony on Saturday and Sunday for Bobis and the Sunday travel league. I also live close to Riverbends so I can bring it up there if you like too. Merry Cristmas!

Christian Doman   December 26 at 8:09am

I will be coming to Bobis, and I look forward to getting my hoodie! Thanks, Jeff.

Jeff Bauman   December 17 at 11:37am

Club Hoodies Are In!

If you got a personalized hoodie its time to pay the piper if you haven't already. I also have PayPal if you like. Thank you!

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Jeff Bauman   December 18 at 10:01pm

One orange left

Derek Stockford   December 19 at 11:09pm

This still available? Pic? Price?

Jeff Bauman   December 20 at 9:05am

40 for the one orange XL left

Jeff Bauman   December 7 at 2:43pm

Thank You For A Great 2015!!!!

This last Sundays tournament, the 14th annual Stone Cold, essentially wraps up our 2015 golf season. What a great season we had too. The weather we had this year simply cannot be beat. Was never too hot or cold, rainy or dry! Just great weather all year! The Friday Night Discin @ Stony finished up this year with some cool new things... -most club members at 70 -biggest field of players at 60 -pro players winning over $100 in cash multiple times -we had players winning as much for a le ... more

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Jeff Bauman   December 7 at 3:51pm

Nice course record on the Green yday.

Skyler Stoker   December 7 at 7:08pm

Boom. Thank you Jeff. I can't picture living in a better area for this sport. Awesome courses and awesome people.

Jessica J   December 7 at 8:44pm

thanks Bauman for all u do

Jeff Bauman   November 28 at 10:44am

2015 - 16 Winter League Starts Tomorrow

Team Stony Sunday travel league starts tomorrow at Stony Creek. Random draw, best shot doubles. Its gonna be nice out too. See you there!


Jeff Bauman   November 20 at 7:18pm

Innova Order Coming Up

I will be placing an order with Innova Monday morning. Let me know if you need anything. Good luck.


Jeff Bauman   November 10 at 9:00am

Player Rating Outing This Sunday At Stony!

The Stony Creek Showdown has been moved to this Sunday November 15. The forecast looks great too for Sunday! 58 and mostly sunny! Cashless pre reg is available but to reserve your spot you must pre reg online or you can contact me for other payment options. FREE FIRST RUN LEOPARD 3 to ONE of the players who register before the tournament. ALL FEMALES who play this outing will also get a chance to win a free brand new Champion Leopard 3. The ladies who pre pay will have two chances t ... more


Jeff Bauman   November 2 at 5:52pm


Gonna try to get the ball rolling on the pre reg for the Stony Creek Showdown on Saturday.

We will give away the choice between a First Run Leopard 3 or a McBeast Grand Slam Destroyer. All you have to do is sign up online and show up and play.

The first 3 players to pre reg in each of the rated divisions (9 players total) will get a chance to win it.

Good luck!


Jeff Bauman   October 29 at 5:37pm

For Our Team Stony Jr's

From the PDGA ....


Jeff Bauman   May 23, 2015 at 10:22am

Shelby Division Disc Golf Memorial

River Bends 10am Sunday. $10 singles or $5 doubles. All cash payout. Come out and celebrate the last league River Bends had (that I know of) Guys Gravitts Big Arm At The Bends league.


Jeff Bauman   February 7, 2015 at 10:51am

Artwork Needed!

I'm looking for some artwork for our 2015 Team Stony discs? If your interested message me and lets do it. Our Friday night league starts in just over a month!


Jeff Bauman   October 30, 2014 at 12:00pm

Get Your 2014 League Shirts.

For all my fellow Team Stony members. If you bought a 2014 membership and still haven't picked up your league shirt, I will be at the Turkey open at Sunnybrook this Saturday with your shirts. Also Sunday November 9th at Stone Cold at Stony. See you there.


Jeff Bauman   September 17, 2014 at 8:29am

2014 Tournament of Champions We are introducing a new tournament this year and using it to crown the Champions of Southern Michigan. To be eligible to play in this event, you must have won a singles tournament within the State of Michigan, sanctioned or unsanctioned, within a year of the event itself. Since this years inaugural event is on September 27, 2014, you can go back in time a year for your eligibility to Septembe ... more


Jeff Bauman   March 3, 2014 at 9:55pm

Win A Brand New DGA Mach X

That's right! The winner and doubles champion for 2014 will win a brand new portable Mach X!!!

Good luck!

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   March 4, 2014 at 7:29am


Jeff Bauman   February 19, 2014 at 5:38pm

Pre Season Shinnannigans!

I still have $15 in ace pool money from some offseason activities.

We will be gathering soon somewhere to take care of this. Keep your ears open.

C'mon spring!


Jeff Bauman   November 28, 2013 at 11:38pm

A Basket For The 2014 Pro Champ?

I'd like to get the opinion of our open players about giving away a brand new basket to the 2014 pro champion. It'll be something top of the line like a Chainstar, Mach 3 or the new Mach X. $400+ retail. There will still of course be a cash prize of at least $100 and their name will be the 12th name engraved on the coveted Stony Cup.

So what do you guys think, basket or all cash?

Btw, league will be about 5 weeks longer this year. Late March till mid September!

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Shaun Adkins   November 29, 2013 at 10:27am

sounds like work. you have to first find a sucker with disposable income who will pay that high end retail price.

mike walker   November 29, 2013 at 4:40pm


Dan Bienkowski   November 29, 2013 at 5:45pm

I agree. cash is king.

Jeff Bauman   June 30, 2013 at 5:17pm

Bill Themm and Scott Ransley Win The 2013 Addison Stony Open

Day two results: In the open, Bill took it on home with a -5 at Stony. finishing at -14 and winning $220 for the weekend! Critter also won a $25 CTP plus two first run Slayers. Nice shooting! In the Masters Scott Ransley held on for a one stroke lead and took home $100. Nice job Scott! Nathan Kretz won the $55 for his ace at Addy on hole #19. Boom! Thanks for coming out and Thanks Bill from BDT's in Utica for $100 in cash, water both days and camera man too. Thanks a million ... more


Jeff Bauman   June 29, 2013 at 4:52pm

Critter Bill Leads After Day 1

Critter shoots a -9 (63) and leads it in the open while J Ride and Scott Ransley are tied for the lead in masters with a slightly more human -1 (71). Nathan Kretz smashed #19 for an ace today. He'll be taking the home the $50 ace pool if no one hits at Stony tomorrow. The 50/50 CTP on #2 was hit by yours truly taking $22.50 and a couple of first run Slayers donated by 7 Star Party Shoppe at 25 and Shelby. The other 50/50 CTP for $22.50 and will be on #27 at Stony tomorrow. Tee of ... more

John Minicuci   June 29, 2013 at 10:05pm

The office of John Minicuci knows no boundaries and will stop at nothing to make sure all of your complaints and grievances will be filed in the order in which they are received. Since the office is closed, please call back on Monday where you will be greeted with the tenderness your grievance and o ... more

Jeff Bauman   June 25, 2013 at 11:37pm

Addison Stony Open This Weekend

Come out and join us for this glorified league weekend event for pro's only. One round a day at two of our best course Addy and Stony. $200 added cash!


Jeff Bauman   January 6, 2013 at 10:17am

Team Stony 2 and 3 Day Tourneys

Happy new year all! I'm getting things set up for the 2013 season and wanted to get some of your opinions on this tournament idea. IMO, our courses have become too long and too crowded to have 2 tournament rounds in one day. What I want to do is play ONE round a day for at least 2 days. Because our league is on Friday, we may be able to incorporate the Friday night league round into the mix and make it a 3 day... With money added, all the usual side bets, tropheys, Sunday interviews wit ... more

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Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   January 7, 2013 at 12:40am

I like the idea of 2 days. I think 3 could get to be too much, plus there's prolly a lot of guys who wouldn't want to combine the league with a mini event. And for me personally, if they were to be sanctioned, I would definitely push for 3 day, and would plan on attedning them. But for a fun extra event thats pretty local, you have my support

steve sevonty   January 7, 2013 at 10:09pm

tourny disc is my favorite kind, however its not worth the

steve sevonty   January 7, 2013 at 10:19pm

12 hours of my day with most of thatsiting on my stool wondering wtf is takeing so long,. so down for anything thay can guve me more of my life back

Jeff Bauman   October 26, 2012 at 9:59am

Stone Cold X Will Be Held At Sunnybrook This Year

The 10th annual Stone Cold will be played Sunday, November 11th, 2012 at the brand new PERMANENT Sunnybrook Disc Golf Course. Below are some of the details: $150 added cash is just an estimate, We've averaged about $200 added. When: Sunday, November 11th, 2012 Where: Sunnybrook Disc Golf Corse Sterling Heights, MI. Format: Singles, Stroke Play. 1 Round of 18 Holes and a Final 9 Registration: 8:00 - 9:00am Player's Meeting: 9:00am The entry fees per division are: $30 ... more