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BRIAN MAY   October 10 at 9:44pm

Scorcher Sold Out and Big Shout Out

Thanks for everyone's support, the Scorcher sold out quickly!! May all bees find their fairway and land safely in the chains!

BIG SHOUT OUTS to some old heads and fellow founding HCDGC members Mike and Steve Campbell, Matt and Dave Dietz, and Josh Lemly for fixing two bridges at Mill Brook, Holes 5 and 11! Much love for your hard work and dedication today!

These guys (and a few others) volunteered countless hours (and years) to help create Mill Brook. Thanks for giving us a great course fellas!


BRIAN MAY   September 24 at 8:37pm

Events Scheduled!

Hey All, we have two events coming up. Check out the Events page! More info to follow.

Regarding the Swan Harbor Social, if you can loan your basket to the club for the day, please contact me at [email redacted] or text me at (484) 663-9504. We appreciate club members and friends of the club support to make this event happen. Hit me up!



BRIAN MAY   September 9 at 3:23pm

Chuckin Bees with B Registration Still Open and Fixed!

Chuckin Bees with B has it's first registrant (brave soul). We learned that the registration link was not working and I was able to fix it (score!). The registration will remain open for the duration of the clinic, people can register any time. The clinic will start this Saturday, September 12, 2020 at 8 AM at Mill Brook. We're starting early at the request of the lone attendee. Feel free to come by, hopefully we get some more attendees.

Here's the proper link: https://c ... more

JESSE Callan   September 9 at 3:55pm

Super pumped about this! Initially we didn't register as we would have missed the first couple weeks. The delayed start allows me and the kids (9 & 12) to make it happen. See you Saturday!!!!

BRIAN MAY   September 9 at 8:25pm

Thanks for the feedback Jesse, really sorry that the registration page was closed. Good thing that we caught that. We'll meet at 9 AM (I asked the other attendee to go back to 9). No need to bring discs week 1, we'll have plenty. Feel free to tell some friends!

JESSE Callan   September 11 at 9:36pm

Sounds like a plan, probably best if we don't throw the same 3 discs we've been throwing, gotta step out of the comfort zone! See you tomorrow!