Pittsburgh Flying Disc

Est. 1981

Pittsburgh Flying Disc is a favorite of 284 players.

Kurt Poole Pennsylvania
Doug Cloutier Pennsylvania
Kevin Cloutier Pennsylvania
Tim S Pennsylvania
Dan W Pennsylvania
Dave Barie Pennsylvania
Rod F Ohio
Sid Olcott Pennsylvania
Seth Lackey Pennsylvania
david sloboda Pennsylvania
Derek Isles Pennsylvania
Cody Winget Pennsylvania
Josh Deily Pennsylvania
Ron Hosek Pennsylvania
Mark Prestopnik Pennsylvania
Andre St.Esprit Pennsylvania
Ken Hemer Pennsylvania
Joey Palumbo Michigan
Jonathan Farley West Virginia
Jeff S Pennsylvania
dan weber Pennsylvania
Rob Weber Pennsylvania
Andy Fenlock Pennsylvania
Tricia L Pennsylvania
Pete Smith Pennsylvania
Paul Ashmore West Virginia
Chris Lachendro Pennsylvania
Brian Cirelli Pennsylvania
Drew Dieter Pennsylvania
Chris Lutz Pennsylvania
George T Pennsylvania
Patrick Graziani Pennsylvania
Chad Anderson Pennsylvania
B. J. Reiher Pennsylvania
Alex Talbot Pennsylvania
Eden Gonano Pennsylvania
sid olcott Pennsylvania
Mike Plank North Carolina
Brian Grace Pennsylvania
Tim Sladisky Pennsylvania
Ray Heltsley Pennsylvania
Trevor Dunkel Pennsylvania
Andy Flemm Pennsylvania
Curtis Steinlage Pennsylvania
Sean Nagle Pennsylvania
Matt Rosier Pennsylvania
Josh Wood Pennsylvania
Nolan Bennetti Pennsylvania
Adam Woodward Pennsylvania
Zach Schweitzer Pennsylvania
Tyler Conlon Pennsylvania
Tim Kramer Pennsylvania
Michael Dropcho Pennsylvania
James Williams II West Virginia
Bud Hearne Pennsylvania
Ben Yockey Pennsylvania
Matt Plunkett Pennsylvania
Don Rambo Pennsylvania
Travis Dick West Virginia
Preston Miller Pennsylvania
Josh Charlton Pennsylvania
Homer Clark Pennsylvania
bryan bowman Pennsylvania
Robbie Werth Pennsylvania
christian fawcett Pennsylvania
Shawn Cochran Pennsylvania
Macky D Pennsylvania
Pete Dawida Pennsylvania
Justin Borkovic Pennsylvania
Tim Romecki Pennsylvania
Zach Trdinich Pennsylvania
Brandon Hoy Pennsylvania
Greg Hamilton Pennsylvania
Brian Hutchison Pennsylvania
Jon Ebel Pennsylvania
Jared B Pennsylvania
Tom Neely Pennsylvania
Lee Sifford Pennsylvania
Mark Cherry West Virginia
Dan Liang Pennsylvania
Trevor Murphy Pennsylvania
William Turner Pennsylvania
jason zaperach Pennsylvania
Hank Lancet Pennsylvania
William Lardinois Pennsylvania
Chad Wearing Pennsylvania
Rick Romo Pennsylvania
Seth Duffy Pennsylvania
David Morris Pennsylvania
Jason Stoner West Virginia
Max Harleman Pennsylvania
Mandy Heintzelman Pennsylvania
Alex Wetzler Pennsylvania
Jacob Johnston Pennsylvania
Scott Bates Pennsylvania
Isaac Beckler Pennsylvania
Eric Jageman Pennsylvania
Zach Guiciardi Pennsylvania
Cody Hartzell Pennsylvania
Kris Plona West Virginia
Scott Mulvihill Pennsylvania
Mark Fedorenko Pennsylvania
Daniel Rowe III Pennsylvania
Jason Rogers West Virginia
Henry G. Novara Pennsylvania
Brad Sauder Pennsylvania
Billy Herman Pennsylvania
Stephen Filander Pennsylvania
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