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Greg Rouse   July 5 at 1:30am

BYOP 7/7

This upcoming league is bring your own partner. Please contact me via phone or through the comments section to register your team. Earliest registrants get closest hole assignments.

Jake Haskin   July 5 at 12:16pm

Matt hernandez and myself

Greg Rouse   June 14 at 5:16am

Trilogy Challenge

Hey folks. Trilogy Challenge this weekend at Alcantra. $35. If you haven't got the chance to play the new 18 yet, here's your excuse. There are excellent prizes for the winners, the player pack is great (driver, mid, putter, towel, wristband, koozie, scorecard, pencil) and I'm going to try a new thing $CASH$ CTP prizes. I also intend to play 2-2-2 or skins with anyone who's interested. It may not be a sanctioned tournament but the weather is supposed to be nice, there's ... more


Greg Rouse   June 6 at 8:38am

2016 Trilogy Challenge

Online registration is now open. You may also cash register through me, and registration will be available day of, HOWEVER there is a 26 player field cap. Registrants will be able to select their player packs discs, towels, minis, koozies and bracelets in the order of payment. Also included is a pencil and scorecard. Registration is $35 if paid in cash. The first three places will be paid and the prize selection sent to me was pretty amazing, plus there will be a $5 per person ace pot that will ... more


Greg Rouse   May 18 at 2:42am


It has come to my attention that people don't know which course layout on the scene is the current layout. The 18 hole 2014 layout is the current one. PLEASE DO NOT ADD LAYOUTS TO THIS COURSE WITHOUT FIRST CONTACTING AN OFFICER. There is already a very large number of defunct layouts that I cannot delete and this makes posting league/tourney/casual round scores even more of a headache. I will be contacting DGScene for assistance in the coming days to help clean up this page. Once again, the ... more

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Greg Rouse   May 18 at 6:38am

There are a couple under that name for some reason. The right one should be scorable through 18 with the option of using alternates.

Jeremy Boyd   May 18 at 1:27pm

I tried. There is a "New 18 (2014) 20 holes" option, and a "New 18 (2014) 18 holes. The 18 holes option doesn't allow hole by hole scoring for all 18.

Greg Rouse   May 18 at 8:10pm

I'll make some final tweaks

Greg Rouse   May 4 at 3:07am

Summer league

It's confirmed, I'll be back home from the slope on Thursday, which means I'll be kicking off our 4th year of our doubles league, and finally on the 18. Small parking lot, I'll start taking cash at 6:30 and pull cards at 7. I'll award 10 bonus points to all attendees and who knows what other kinds of cash or goodies I'll dig out of my personal stash and put up for grabs.


Greg Rouse   April 28 at 7:02pm

Dubs again

$5 dubs again tonight at Alcantra. Cash at 6:30, cards at 7. Be prompt. Small parking lot.


Greg Rouse   April 21 at 11:51pm

Alcantra. 18 baskets. TONIGHT.

Ok so, here we go. Baskets go in tonight. Cash dubs once they're in. 6:30 sign up, 7:00 tee time, $5 buy. Meet in the small (first) parking lot. However, I absolutely 110% need help installing the baskets. One person at least but the more the better. Call me and let me know when you're available. 907-315-2343. See you out there.


vlasy kutsev   March 16 at 5:49am

New League

I am going to be running a sanctioned league on sundays at noon at Peters Creek, starting this sunday 3/20. The league is up for all the information on it, hope to see you all there.


Jeremy Boyd   March 16 at 2:48pm

I think you should alternate sundays, I miss the Church of Alcantra... : )

Jeremy Boyd   March 16 at 7:44pm

come home Tre

vlasy kutsev   March 20 at 2:11pm

It will be alternated in after the first few weeks.

Tre Jones   December 3, 2014 at 7:33am

Thursday leagues

Come out and play singles for our first 2015 bag tag challenge event, This week's glow league will be 18 holes of singles and ctp prizes as well.
Cost of entry this week will be $7 for members and $8 for non-members. For $12 you can purchase a 2015 bag tag which will allow you to play for large cash bounties and prizes through it the 2015 season.

You do not have to buy a tag to play leagues.

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Jeremy Boyd   December 3, 2014 at 3:54pm

I guess that begs one additional question. Can non-members purchase a tag and be eligible for the cash bounties or do you have to be an MSDGA member?

Jeremy Boyd   December 3, 2014 at 4:32pm

In my opinion only MSDGA members should be able to purchase tags...but that is just my opinion...

Greg Rouse   December 3, 2014 at 8:53pm

How about $7 for members and $9 for nons instead of 8?

Tre Jones   June 2, 2014 at 6:15am

Rally in the Valley

Registration is now open for the 2014 Rally in the Valley!