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Erin Oakley    4 days ago

Brain Evans   3 days ago

Sorry for your loss

Erin Oakley   2 days ago

Thank you

Marquita Bernard   2 days ago

What loss?

Kenneth Eckhoff    February 2 at 8:51pm

i was wondering if the sunday league leader board will be put up soon anyways have a great day

Michael Wagner   February 11 at 3:11pm

Where u playing sundays at?

Kenneth Eckhoff   6 days ago

birchfield at noon

Chris Minter    January 4 at 10:33am

Is there putting league tonight at Lansing Brewing?

Gary Vigil   January 4 at 10:44am

Nope, the next event is set for the 11th. Here is the link to the FB event:

Joshua Siwek   January 4 at 11:06am

Gary is ON TOP of ****! I like it. I'll make a public post right now.

Nate Upton    January 3 at 12:33am

We lost a stool earlier at Birchfield. Has a phone # on it, reward for its return.


Andew "Chedder" Wonch    December 4 at 9:45am

Any update on the ccr point series?

Matt Rinker   December 4 at 10:32am

Yeah, Doug's working on it. He sent me a draft of the finals, but it needed correction.

Chuck Phillips    December 2 at 9:18pm

Hello to our friends in Lansing ! We are getting VERY excited about the 2017 PDGA Pro Masters World Championships in Grand Rapids next August !! We have some AWESOME CFR discs and T-Shirts available in the Trading Post section of Disc Golf Scene! They are extremely limited run of Innova Luster Champion Destroyers, Colossus, and Thunderbirds that feature the Official Tournament Logo. There are also great t-shirts from Dynamic that have our awesome logo on the front available. Disc Golf U ... more


Chris Schuchaskie    November 2 at 11:48am

Whens the winter league going to start??

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Chris Schuchaskie   November 3 at 7:29am

And I still haven't gotten my tag from last years league

Justin "32K" Standish   November 4 at 8:15pm

Just to clear I am not running winter league.

Kenneth Eckhoff   November 4 at 8:53pm

not standish i'm talking about abram


Mike Kemp    September 9 at 7:47pm

Ace Race Registration has been reopened until Sunday at Midnight. Literal last chance to get in on the fun!


Chris Booker    September 4 at 6:57pm

Who writes 32k on their discs?

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Chris Booker   September 4 at 7:51pm

Or what does he drive and I'll leave it on his car.

Matt Rinker   September 4 at 9:12pm

He runs singles league. So if you're at the picnic, he'll be there. Date hasn't been set for that yet, but will be soon.

Chris Booker   September 4 at 11:03pm

Cool. I'll bring it to the league picnic

Mike Kemp    September 1 at 9:29pm

Ace Race registration closes Monday the 5th at 11:59pm! Make sure you're paid in full before it closes to secure our slot! Link is below.


Chris Booker    August 28 at 11:27am

FINISHED the 2016 Season.. Couple Close battles.. Some Blowouts (Move UP), and some nice 2nd and 3rd place fights..
This is for reference and may change once the scene gets updated.. See you all at the PicNic and beyond.


Andew "Chedder" Wonch    August 23 at 11:21am

I am looking for a partner for the warm up doubles on Friday at states let me know if you are interested!

Wes S   August 26 at 6:23pm

When where and how much? If you want an am 4 partner

Nick Simon    August 19 at 1:41pm

***Grand Isle Open!!! Sat and Sun Aug 20-21. This weekend! B-tier with $500 added cash for MPO! Make sure you sign up for the first ever sanctioned tournament at Grand Isle!!


Mike Kemp    August 9 at 7:39pm

Ace Race is only a few weeks away. Make sure you all pay for your spot! Link is below and Get at me if you have any questions.


Wes S    August 3 at 9:37pm

Hello! I proposed the idea for a 9 hole course at Ingham Park in South Lansing to the City of Lansing. They said they would highly consider it but they need a fair deal of information such as: plan or layout of the course, maintenance required and who would maintain it, cost to construct it, any conflicts with the existing facilities and surrounding neighborhood, parking requirements, etc. Would anyone with some experience be interested in meeting up some time to try and work this through wi ... more

Matt Rinker   August 3 at 10:36pm

I've been trying to propose that for years. If they are serious, have them contact me at 517 899 6383.

Wes S   August 4 at 7:10pm

From their email, they are interested in having us do all of the above and submit it to them as the beginning step. I'd be happy to meet up with you at the park some time Matt and dream up some ideas! I've already done about 10 drafts of possible layouts with the space.

Wes S   August 4 at 7:20pm

I added you on FB Matt as I am on there more than here. Feel free to shoot me a message any time.

Greg Beavers    July 31 at 11:21am

Pine Hills Disc golf course has all 36 holes up and ready to play. We recommend tee times as we can do that now for the new course (south). We still have some tweaking to do but with your feedback we can make sure it is done correctly. We would love to have any thoughts or ideas from you to help us make it better. We will be bidding for some PDGA tournaments and other national tour events, lets hope we can get one and help disc golf grow.

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philip balger   August 1 at 5:38pm

Very exciting news. Can we play both for 10 bucks? I've been told two rounds were okay on the old course as long as we make sure there is enough gas in cart. I've always just played 1 round tho.

Greg Beavers   August 2 at 6:00pm

Two rounds is good on the old course but check in with the staff to make sure no golfers are making the turn from 9 to 10 as they are playing 18 holes

philip balger   August 6 at 10:39am


Ian Mattoon    July 28 at 10:56pm

Going to play some glow Friday night at Grand Woods if anyone wants to join!


Craig Zerbe    July 22 at 5:51pm

Only 16 spots left in pool A for the CCR Open. MPO, FROM, MPM and AM1

Matt Rinker   July 22 at 2:28pm

Down to 14 spots

Cory Ferrin    July 7 at 4:46pm

Just a quick PSA to anyone playing Grand Woods in the near future there are disc thieves lurking around grand woods so keep your eyes down the fairway after you've thrown, especially on the blind holes. I was playing a fun casual round last night with a group of 7 including myself when I had a disc stolen off the fairway on hole 15. It's most like gone but just in case someone happens to see it, the disc was a neon dayglo green Star Teebird, name and number on the inside rim and my pdga # on the bottom flight plate.

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Cory Ferrin   July 7 at 1:48pm

We didnt start out that big but ended up picking up a couple more at the end due to dwindling daylight. it landed where i could see it and someone in my group did see someone pick it up but thought it was the group in front of us retrieving a forgotten disc. i talked to them and they didnt have it, atleast not that i could see

Cory Ferrin   July 7 at 2:04pm

And while i understand what you are saying, I dont normally play in groups that big, it just happened that way last night. The whole point of this was to let everyone know to keep an eye on their drives, not to tell me how to prevent it from happening when it already did

Kenneth Eckhoff   July 8 at 3:11am

i have heard of this happening at grand woods every year u have the one person whoever it is at most courses doing this def some low life stuff like come on u have to lurk and take discs u must be losing ur own discs and need more