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Alex Moser    August 20 at 1:48pm

Anyone playing today? I just moved to the area from Florida, I'd like to get a round or 2 in today around noon. Shoot me a text..850-830-4463

Matt Rinker   August 20 at 2:19pm

Generally, a few meet at Burchfield today at noon.

Chris Booker    July 29 at 9:00pm

**UPDATED** 2017 SUMMER SINGLES, WEEK16.. Click on your tab for your division.
The Rankings are live, With drops included.


Wesley Shinevar    July 14 at 8:12pm

Certain someone has noted this already but there are two huge limbs / branches down at the Long basket on 15 for Rene Trail that I saw yesterday.

Justin "32K" Standish   July 14 at 4:23pm

I am playing a round tonight, if they are still there we will get taken care of. Thanks

leftronics Davis    July 6 at 6:58pm

Anyone available today to play , looking to get it in as much as possible before heading back south to Dc area, Im close to Burchfield

Wesley Shinevar   July 6 at 3:22pm

Man. Wish I could today. If youre looking for a real challenge play the Rivers Edge course. One of the tougher courses I've played in the state!

leftronics Davis   July 6 at 3:35pm

Ya played it yesterday, shot a 61 , a true ass kicker and gave a lefty some interesting looks off the tee, got to throw multiple forehand rollers also since apparently i dont know how to throw straight and was using them to get up the fairway outta the rough

leftronics Davis    July 5 at 2:50pm

Visiting from outta town, whers the best spot to buy sme discs, looking to put together a discraft bag

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leftronics Davis   July 5 at 11:46am

Thanks guys

Alex Grimes   July 5 at 11:48am

Also anything you need is available from the club. Contact me or any other member of the club leadership.

Chris Arnett   July 7 at 8:36am

Dunham's has a decent amount of discraft

Wesley Shinevar    June 29 at 9:02pm

Justin, could you add me to the summer's league group? Say's I'm not logged in for some reason. Thanks!

Justin "32K" Standish   June 29 at 5:11pm

Need your email or pdga number that is linked to your account.

Wesley Shinevar   July 5 at 11:05am


Andew "Chedder" Wonch    June 22 at 10:04am

Saturday doubles?

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Andew "Chedder" Wonch   June 22 at 5:54pm

Was 10:30 last time I came ****s!

liz waldorf   June 22 at 9:44pm

That's when it was at burchfield cause the woods was flooded but it's at the woods at 10 on Saturdays unless there is something going on then it would be else where.

Alex Grimes   June 23 at 7:25am

Ahh the love and comradery of the disc golf community. Lol

Nick Carpenter    June 11 at 7:22pm

Hey tuna I forgot to get my tag after the tournament


Wesley Shinevar    June 5 at 2:46am

Had a buddy lose an orange FR buzzz today. Has his name on it. Around 4-5pm. Hole 16 right of the basket. Could notttt find it. Looked for a good 20-30 mins. If anyone wants to fulfill their good deed for the year, let me know if you found it!

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Wesley Shinevar   June 5 at 9:57pm

Bad kick or buried. Not sure but somehow we missed it. Should have Drew's name on it

Andew "Chedder" Wonch   June 6 at 5:32am

I'll keep eye out for it.

Wesley Shinevar   June 6 at 10:57pm

Thanks Chedder. Figured its a long shot but had to try

Wesley Shinevar    June 4 at 3:33am

Lansing's own Alex Grimes tied for the second hottest round at Am Nats today jumping him into a tie at 15th place. Some pretty great shooting!


Nick Carpenter    May 29 at 11:59am

Is anybody going to show up to the tag challenge tonight I'm trying to decide whether to go or not

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Alex Grimes   May 29 at 9:35am

Not sure if I'll have time but I would like to.

Matt Rinker   May 29 at 10:11am


Nick Carpenter   May 29 at 12:43pm

Ok I'm gonna try to make it

Brock Way    May 27 at 12:39am

anyone playing the tourney at falsburg tomorrow?


Andew "Chedder" Wonch    May 19 at 3:40pm

Saturday dubs? How much and where/ what time

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liz waldorf   May 19 at 12:57pm

Yea exactly what Justin said. We start at 10am 5 to play dollar ace pool.

Alex Grimes   May 19 at 2:21pm

So we are officially back at grand woods this weekend then?

Matt Rinker   May 20 at 9:10am

yes officially back at gw

Craig Zerbe    May 15 at 2:11am

Anyone that might be available we are working at Bengal Wildlife in bath on the new course tomorrow at 10am. Any help would be awesome

Matt Rinker   May 15 at 8:48am

Tomorrow as in Tuesday or did you post this late Sunday and were referring to today, Monday?

Wesley Shinevar    May 12 at 6:11pm

Wow 16 at Burchfield without that little middle tree is a whole new hole! The piled walkway of wood chips looks great and definitely makes that hole 100% playable now.

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Kenneth Eckhoff   May 12 at 5:22pm

should of taken a picture of it :P

Matt Rinker   May 12 at 5:53pm

Hope you mean that in a good way. Play from the long pad and tell me what you think.

Wesley Shinevar   May 21 at 12:54pm

All meant in a good way. I did kind of enjoy the forced left to right but this opens it up to a straighter shot with trouble around the edges which I think is fitting for the course.

Nick Carpenter    May 11 at 7:59pm

Justin Standish I have lots of stakes for you

Justin "32K" Standish   May 11 at 5:31pm

Sweet. My number is on my page. Hit me up.

Wesley Shinevar    May 8 at 11:03pm

Lost a pink Z Thrasher on 18. Somewhere past the short basket. Searched all over in the stuff and couldnt find it. Big ole wind gust carried my anny bomb to the long basket WAY off course. Don't think it had my # on it :/


Dave Hartung    May 5 at 11:56pm

Where is Saturday dubs tomorrow? Woods?

liz waldorf   May 5 at 10:35pm

Burchfield isn't grand woods still none playable?

Erin Oakley   May 6 at 12:16am

I just finished a glow round there. There's 18 playable holes. 2's risky and 5-6 are super wet.

Matt Rinker   May 6 at 7:48am

Yes, dubs it at Burch. Tee at 1030.

Wesley Shinevar    May 3 at 8:16pm

Lost an X Soft Ringer on hole 2 at Burchfield. Somewhere around the long basket. Should have my name and phone # on it.

Brock Way   May 3 at 5:12pm

Got it

Wesley Shinevar   May 3 at 10:16pm

Thank youuuu! I picked it up when I finished leagues.

Wesley Shinevar    April 20 at 4:18pm

Is there anyone going to the BG Ams tournament? I just saw their list of plastic and I NEED a few things! Hit me up here or on Facebook!

Wesley Shinevar   April 20 at 12:19pm

Note: I have PayPal funds I can send or get you cash upon return!