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Jonathan "BREEZE" Brzys    September 21 at 9:06am

I will be headed out to Hudson today 09-21-16 to play a round at 5 or 5:30 if anyone is game

William Gilbert   September 21 at 10:06am

i and princess will be there

Casey "Sensei" Maloney    September 19 at 4:00pm

A few folks suggested a singles round to start so everyone gets a tag. Perhaps coldbrook before the weather turns...

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William Gilbert   September 19 at 7:37pm

we could start on 100916 if you guys are going to play sundays. after cjs' open. do note the vote was for saturday and i can't be there. whoever makes the first rd would get the higher numbers and more can pick theres up as they join the league.

Paul "GROOT" Feeny   September 21 at 12:47am

Sensai! personally I'm around weekend of 10/9, then away 10/16, and then back again 10/23

William Gilbert   September 21 at 10:05am

you travelling ninjas need to be home on sundays at least, lol

Casey "Sensei" Maloney    September 19 at 3:35pm

Ninja bag tags are in. We need a way of distributing them between our doubles format. Any ideas on how we go about it?

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William Gilbert   September 19 at 7:34pm

if shooter ends up with 1, norm 2, spike 3, oldman 4, professor 5, ranger 6, king bastard 7, princess 8 etc. if shooter and i are partners and we win he would keep 1 and would get 2, team 2 could be norm and oldman and take 2nd etc

Jared Utke   September 22 at 5:31pm

5th? not realistic

William Gilbert   September 22 at 7:38pm

lol it was an example for sensai

William Gilbert    September 18 at 10:38pm

The vote was for Saturday, so for those of you who want to or can play it feel free. i cannot i work. somebody will have to run the saturday league as i cannot.
i will start a Sunday league and it will be a very local travel league mostly at Indy when the winter hits in force. keep it simple to hudson, indy, gulch. might play bandamer, mary beth doyle and rolling.

Dane "Mounty" Racicot   September 21 at 6:19pm

Saturday... Bummer

brad chartier    September 14 at 7:51pm

Anybody up for a pre-CJs tournament practice round on the 25th? As close to the CJ's format as we can. And, if we start early enough ( 9ish or so) we could play ALL the holes.

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Jeanette Singer   September 19 at 5:25pm

definitely maybe......but I doubt my partner would be there......

Jared Utke   September 22 at 5:28pm


Casey "Sensei" Maloney   September 23 at 3:46pm

We can be there by 10.

Jeanette Singer    September 12 at 8:46pm

Hey Ninjas. ..Dingman /Twink/Tweak....or whatever else you may call him.....and myself are going to disc at Mills Wednesday, usual time. ..for S's and G's.....if anyone else would like to join. :)


William Gilbert    September 8 at 10:18pm

so with a few weeks before the tentative winter league starts some of you have voted some of you have not. the most important item to vote on is whether to play on Saturday or Sunday!!! would like to have this settled by a week from tomorrow. if you have already voted and the ninja round or the following day at the tournament at indy do not vote again. just a saturday or sunday is all we are looking for. please vote by September 15th please.

Jared Utke   September 9 at 4:59pm

SUNDAY!!! Why mess with success!

Jeanette Singer   September 12 at 8:43pm


Joseph "Spyke Hyzer" Contratto   September 14 at 6:10pm


Jonathan "BREEZE" Brzys    September 7 at 10:20am

When does winter leagues start?

William Gilbert   September 8 at 10:19pm

have to finalize the day of the week first breeze

William Gilbert    September 6 at 12:43am

so for those that attended the ninja round voting took place. the most important item was what day to play. Saturday or Sunday. vote for saturday or sunday. the other new proposal is for anybody interested in berths must be in. contact me to get the details. ace pool payouts were voted on as well..


Casey "Sensei" Maloney    September 4 at 12:08am

Could I get a partner for the CJs tourney? Good idea can not make it. Please let me know. I will play am3-open.

Brad McMillin   September 4 at 6:54am

I got ya Sensei

Jacob Belmas    September 2 at 8:32pm

Kensington 11am.Saturday . For all the ninjas not at states. Come and pray for those at states. Private message me if you coming. Holla. Ninjas Unite!


Brad McMillin    September 1 at 8:57am

Good luck to all ninja's going ro state finals this weekend.

John Reifschneider   September 2 at 5:08am

Good luck guys!!

Casey "Sensei" Maloney   September 3 at 8:19am

Good luck ninjas!

Casey "Sensei" Maloney    August 29 at 11:48am

Would anyone want to play Mills on Saturday or Sunday?


Casey "Sensei" Maloney    August 21 at 10:44pm

Great rounds! Thank you Hot Damn for all of the effort that went into the course. One of Michigan's finest.


Casey "Sensei" Maloney    August 16 at 12:46pm

Who will be joining us at Franklin Pines this weekend? Trying to get a rough head count.

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William Gilbert   August 18 at 11:34pm

i might melt

Casey "Sensei" Maloney   August 21 at 3:21pm

Another great time at the pines.

Brad McMillin   August 21 at 7:38pm

awesome night.

Jeanette Singer    August 11 at 11:34am

Hey Ninjas....funny thing happened on the way to disc golf last night.....long story short my car took a crap just one measly mile from Hudson Mills.....had to have it towed......not sure of my automobile situation for the weekend yet.....but would like to do a make-up round this weekend....Saturday or Sunday....either or........around 10am.....ish.......let me know if any of ya'll are interested.

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Jeanette Singer   August 13 at 1:58pm

Sounds good. ..I'm in

William Gilbert   August 13 at 5:28pm

anybody else. we will be there either way.

Jeanette Singer   August 14 at 7:27am

Doesn't look like I'll be able to make it after all....the borrowed vehicle I'm driving currently will be unavailable for a few hours this morning.

William Gilbert    August 9 at 9:28am

i have reported CJ's berths for the ninjas. ryan shoner, jared utke, norm copeland, joe contratto, victim. they have told me you guys will have problems registering without either or both your pdga# or email used on this site. so if you have them please get them to me asap. please text them to me if you can. the other 2 berths come from club ninja itself and jared has to report them. mounty and assassin we will need your information as well.

William Gilbert   August 9 at 9:38am

found ryan at 84569m jared at 86557, norm at 57561, joe at 61823 and victim aka jon levitt at 84271 i will assume these are correct and post them to the mdgo. no numbers for dane and kayla so if you do not have one you must supply your emal address you use on this site or you will have to fight to get registered.

Casey "Sensei" Maloney    August 4 at 5:06pm

All Ninjas. We are looking to play a casual round at Oshtemo this Sunday starting at 11 (later start time to accommodate the drive). Hot damn and I will be there. This is a casual round. We understand it is a bit of a hike but it would be great to see you guys "out west".


Joseph "Spyke Hyzer" Contratto    July 30 at 6:52pm

To all the Ninjas that didnt get out today me breeze victim and ranger will be hitting Indy up for a round or 2 or 3 tomorrow. Tee-Off time hasnt been confirmed yet but as of now looks like 11 a.m. Good Luck to everyone playing in the Tourney this weekend!!

Joseph "Spyke Hyzer" Contratto   July 30 at 7:06pm

Update 10 a.m. Tee Off

Casey "Sensei" Maloney    July 29 at 6:53pm

11 am indy tomorrow if anyone feels like a rain game ...