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Dave Rector    June 23 at 6:47pm

Hi folks,
Just a heads up if anyone isn't loving any of their Trilogy discs from this past weekend let me know. I'm interested in picking more of all three up. Thanks everyone!


Kevin Twing    June 20 at 6:57pm

Would like to join ADGA. Someone point me in the the right direction.
Thank You Kevin Twing

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Kevin Twing   June 20 at 4:41pm

My son and I will be there [email protected] to sign up.

Shay Stewart   June 20 at 5:46pm

Sounds good. See you then.

Shay Stewart   June 20 at 5:47pm

$40 to become a member and 7 for leagues. I'll be there by 6 for sign ups.

Greg Rouse    June 17 at 11:05am

I have a bit of a dilemma. I completely spaced the fact that jailhouse was coming up and meant to run my dubs there the Thursday before. It could still be done, however, I obviously wasnt able to announce it at league tonight. Here's my question. If I ran my dubs there Thursday night, who would show up? If there is resounding support I'll make phone calls and post signs at Alcantra. I'd love to do it for some last minute practice with the added bonus of cash on the line but I want to be fair to my league's regulars. Who would show up next Thursday if I did roll call at 7:00?

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Brian Cassidy   June 17 at 3:00pm


Matt Hernandez   June 18 at 3:40am

Definitely. Count me in.

Dave Rector   June 23 at 2:48pm

Would LOVE to. Working the tap room at Arkose in Palmer. Come have a beer first!

Thad Murgatroyd    June 15 at 8:53pm

Terry Miller AKA Discgolf guy is in need of a loaner car during his stay . Does anyone have a extra car ?

Andrew E   June 15 at 5:08pm

I'm probably going to be in Michigan so out of 3 of the vehicles I think, I think he should be able too. Text me separate and I'll talk to the wife and figure it out.

Joel Cook   June 15 at 11:57pm

How long and where in Michigan you going to be?

Greg Rouse    June 14 at 5:13am

Hey folks. Trilogy Challenge this weekend at Alcantra. $35. If you haven't got the chance to play the new 18 yet, here's your excuse. There are excellent prizes for the winners, the player pack is great (driver, mid, putter, towel, wristband, koozie, scorecard, pencil) and I'm going to try a new thing $CASH$ CTP prizes. I also intend to play 2-2-2 or skins with anyone who's interested. It may not be a sanctioned tournament but the weather is supposed to be nice, there's ... more


Thad Murgatroyd    June 9 at 5:07pm

$ 5 dubs at Hilltop at 11:00 on Sunday .


Chris Perry    June 9 at 8:30am

going to play hilltop tomorrow sometime in the afternoon if anybody else is going hit me up. long course to play by yourself.

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Thad Murgatroyd   June 9 at 11:34pm

Pc wont get you ready for the hill . Just saying

Jake Haskin   June 10 at 12:29am

Itll teach you to throw more accurate, if you can be more accurate at pc you can be more accurate anywhere.

Thad Murgatroyd   June 11 at 1:09pm

Well then you guys should win KotH no problem

Greg Rouse    May 30 at 8:55am

This may be a double post because safari crashed on me but... Is there legitimately nothing going on next weekend? I see a "Thaw'll" on the schedule but nothing on the scene. What's the story?

J JACKSON   May 30 at 6:02am

No tourney this weekend, i would like to petition bryan to hold league in gwood since the ob markers r still up & probably will be til Forest fair!

Greg Rouse   May 30 at 7:47am

We need something. With cash. I'll even throw up either $$$ or precious plastic for CTP or grand prize or something.

Thad Murgatroyd   June 4 at 10:43am

Its a shame there isnt a 2nd 18 hole course in anchorage other than kincaid ....

James Beckner    May 30 at 4:44am

11 A.M. Hilltop round tomorrow

J JACKSON   May 30 at 6:04am

I wish, my ankle is still killing meπŸ˜œπŸ˜¬πŸ˜€

Thad Murgatroyd   May 30 at 10:21am

I'll be there

Chris Perry    May 17 at 3:35am

Lost 4x destroyer on 17 at hilltop. Purple if anyone finds hit me up, number on back thanks all

Thad Murgatroyd   May 17 at 3:32pm

Was it a forehand or backhand ? Did it clear the tree island ?

Chris Perry   May 19 at 5:52am

I saw it go into the last left pine, it was super windy, if it went through it could have gone anywhere, possibly to hole 1

Pat Miller    May 12 at 8:15am

Anyone coming down for Shorebird this weekend? Weather looks perfect!!

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Jimmy Gough   May 12 at 4:13pm

Anyone have room that's heading down looking for a ride. Got 12$ for gas hahaha thanks.

Jeremy Boyd   May 12 at 6:02pm

I'll be pretty crammed with our gear and us and not quite sure on our return plans yet but I'll let you know if I can get you.

Jimmy Gough   May 12 at 6:07pm

Sounds good it would be a one way trip for me. Thanks.

Thad Murgatroyd    May 9 at 5:11pm

Say something ...The 18 at Hilltop is in and playing great . Thank you Brad and Gabe for your help this week . I amstarting on the new holes on the front 9 this week . My goal is to have the new holes in play before June . I will be posting work partys for those that would like to help.


vlasy kutsev    May 8 at 7:40am

Just to make sure everyone knows there is still going to be leagues on Sunday morning at Alcantra tomorrow. So come on down and redeem ur score from today's tournament for those of you who "know" they should have played better in the Kincaid kickoff tournament.

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vlasy kutsev   May 8 at 6:19am

Greg I need u to be there. I need to talk to u, so please stop by if u don't decide to play

Jeremy Boyd   May 8 at 11:24am

I will see you out there Greg : )

Greg Rouse   May 8 at 10:09pm

My mind said yes but my sore back, knee and foot said no. Also reinforced by whispered "no's" by my soft pillows.

Jake Haskin    May 6 at 7:39pm

There will be $5 dubs tonight at kincaid! So if you haven't had a chance to play the new looks, need to practice them more, or just wanna come spend a nice day at Kincaid, come join us tonight. We will be STARTING at 6:30 so please be there a little earlier to get money in.


Thad Murgatroyd    May 4 at 6:00pm

We are in the process of installing the Red course ( big 18 ) . We will be setting the teepads on Sunday and basket later this week . I am also starting on the changes to the holes on the Red course . The course will play the same as always and as i finish a new hole we will adjust the course .

Gabe Kutcher   May 4 at 2:29pm

Glad to hear progress and happy to see new things.

J JACKSON   May 8 at 6:05am

Way to go Thad, I wish I could make it out there

Jake Haskin    May 4 at 3:33am

For those of you coming to Kincaid tomorrow for dubs, I'll will be there early and will be accepting money for registration for the Kincaid kickoff this weekend. Just as a reminder, for people who are pdga current, am division's are $30 and open division's are $50. Hope to see y'all out there!!

Jake Haskin   May 4 at 2:35am

And if youre not pdga current just add $10 :p

Greg Rouse    May 4 at 3:05am

It's confirmed, I'll be back home from the slope on Thursday, which means I'll be kicking off our 4th year of our doubles league, and finally on the 18. Small parking lot, I'll start taking cash at 6:30 and pull cards at 7. I'll award 10 bonus points to all attendees and who knows what other kinds of cash or goodies I'll have up for grabs.


Chris Perry    May 3 at 12:32pm

Anything going on on tuesdays?


Joe Schacht    May 2 at 8:27pm

If anyone is heading out to eagle river and can stop by eagle river high school and see if my green floppy wizard is in or on the ground by hole nines green. REWARD!!!!! It'll be worth your it. Thanx

Aaron Merideth   May 3 at 10:52pm

I looked for a while, didn't see it

Joe Schacht   May 4 at 12:12pm

Bummer bud. Good lookin out tho pimp!

Bobb Lockwood    April 29 at 10:53pm

A friend of mine, who is visiting Anchorage, had her car window smashed and disc golf back stolen. No discs were taken, but she is very attached to the bag. If anyone sees someone in the ANC area trying to sell a used nutsac, my friend would love to get her bag back.


J JACKSON   May 15 at 4:02am

We'll keep our eyes out, probably worth calling play it again sports, seems like a place someone could get some $ for a DG bag. Bummer dealπŸ™ƒ