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Greg Rouse    June 14 at 6:31am

Got our PC league dates posted up on the schedule. The next one is 2 weeks from now (6/22.) Please keep an eye on the schedule so you don't end up driving to the wrong course!


Rob Parrish    June 12 at 3:47pm

I have a brand new, never used, Mach 2 Portable for sale. $200. If interested text 9072051134.


Greg Rouse    June 9 at 12:36am

The weather is behaving quite nicely. Looking forward to seeing some of you for dubs tonight


Lada R    June 6 at 9:17am

Hello fellow disc golfer,

My name is. Lada Rezek, PDGA#54893, I play for the Burnaby DGC, I am average disc golf player with a bad back and funny chin beard. After dropping out of a tournament again, due to my back issues, I decided to heal.

During this healing process I wanted to help my club and become a bigger part of disc golf. It is then I went on an adventure. One I hope the disc golf community will embrace and am sending this message to all disc golf clubs. Well as many as I can.

... more

Eric Hepola   June 6 at 1:30pm

Let's help put Canada on the map!

Greg Rouse    June 1 at 11:25pm

It's about 75 and sunny out in the valley! Hope to see some of you out at alcantra tonight. Cash in by 7 please

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Andrew E   June 1 at 7:49pm

A....... wish I could be there.

Rob Parrish   June 1 at 9:06pm

How much is it again?

Greg Rouse   June 1 at 9:31pm

$6 member/ $8 nonmember

Andrew E    May 25 at 7:15pm

If anyone has a bag they are looking to sell I'm possibly interested. My bag was burnt on the fire. So that sucks!!

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Matt Hernandez   May 25 at 4:30pm


Gabe Kutcher   May 26 at 11:26am

Andrew, You can have one of my two Prodigy BP3 red or blue. They hold 18-21 disc an it's free. Disc on! Need any disc to?

Shay Stewart   May 26 at 7:21pm

Cool of you Gabe!

James Beckner    May 23 at 5:45pm

Baskets moved at Kincaid : 2,3,5,7,8,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18....... 1's alternate is full of material, 4 already moved, 6 needs to be hung somewhere, 9's lock is damaged needs replacement, and another one has a different lock, not sure which hole :)


Greg Rouse    May 22 at 11:14am

Playing g-wood in the morning. Hit me up!


Edan Badajos    May 21 at 5:18pm

Can someone post the minutes from last nights meeting? Thanks


Andy Nichols    May 19 at 6:44pm

Hey guys I was just st wandering if there is a date set for states yet??? I'm trying to make it ten years in a row

Pat Miller   May 19 at 7:38pm

It's July 8-9

Andy Nichols   May 20 at 1:27am

Thanks Pat

Killian Flannery    May 19 at 7:16am

Is anyone out there into doing a Sunday or Monday night dubs? Or a any morning during the week with a 10-11am start. I would love to get in on any of the current dubs but I work tues-sat nights starting at 3pm and we close Sun-mondays.

Thad Murgatroyd   May 19 at 10:26am

I will be starting a sanctioned singles league at Hilltop in a week . It's on Sunday at 11

Killian Flannery    May 19 at 7:10am

Hey all was wondering if anyone found a black sss Voodoo putter 159g at Kincaid the other day. most likely somewhere on the last 6 holes. Love that putter and would reward the return with beers/ bowls and/or possibly another disc. Thanks


Jake Haskin    May 19 at 6:46am

$5 dubs/ pre registration for Kincaid kickoff tomorrow at 630, I'll try and be there by 545/6 to allow more time for people to register. Pro/am layout with tourney ob in effect. Hope to see y'all out there!


Pat Miller    May 16 at 8:47am

So WHEN was that May meeting going to happen?!?

Jake Haskin   May 16 at 8:02pm

Maybe saturday after my tournament while everyone is in town

Greg Rouse    May 16 at 7:24am

Kicking off the MSDGA Thursday doubles league with double points this Thursday. I'll be there at 6:30, pull cards at 7:00. $6 for members and $8 for non. Please do not try to contact me via phone as it is broken. I am contactable through the scene and Facebook. See you there!


James Beckner    May 14 at 9:29am

Kincaid pro tees, 1100 for Mother's Day

Pat Miller   May 14 at 1:43pm

Those mothers love the pro tees

Jake Haskin   May 14 at 4:36pm

Yeah those pro tees are a real mother

Jeremy Boyd   May 14 at 5:35pm

I love Mom, so no pro tees today

James Beckner    April 30 at 5:10am

Kincaid pro tees at 1100 tomorrow


Jake Haskin    April 26 at 2:38pm

Seeing as there's no leagues or anything tonight, I was gonna suggest some $5 doubles at kincaid. What do y'all think?

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Jake Haskin   April 26 at 4:45pm

630 works too, thats normal dubs time. Well make it 630

Jeremy Boyd   April 26 at 5:17pm

yay DG

Tom Voight   April 26 at 5:49pm

Thanks guys!

vlasy kutsev    April 23 at 2:53am

Last day of sanctioned sundays is tomorrow at Peter Creek at 11. it says on the scene that its inactive. Ace pot is $76. hope to see u guys there.


vlasy kutsev    April 16 at 5:43pm

League is still on today. Ive had a few people ask if its cancelled. i never posted that it was cancelled and or said it. so i know i some of you may thought it might be. ill see some of unthat. an can get here in timw. text me of u can make it by 1115. we would wait.