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Pat Miller    6 days ago

Is the Jan. 15 meeting still happening at 7? What's the number for people to call in?

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Adam Klein   6 days ago

Andrew, I have asked for help from the membership before regarding distant contact during meetings, no one has stepped in to help.

Andrew E   6 days ago

There was no doubt in my mind that, that's the case. It was

Andrew E   6 days ago

More a statement.

Edan Badajos    6 days ago

ADGA Bylaws:

January 10,2004

Alaska Disc Golf Association Charter

Article I. Purpose

Section 1. This organization has been formed to promote Disc Golf in the Anchorage, Alaska area. We as a group will endeavor to seek growth in numbers who participate as well as expansion of the venue where we participate. We seek to further these goals by engaging in conduct that will be beneficial to the growth of disc golf. This organization will be a non-profit organization. All profits from sale ... more

Adam Klein   6 days ago

Thank you for posting Edan, although I was going to add it to the nomination/elections post after the meeting.

Scott Johnson    January 6 at 2:30am

H20 Oasis putting league. Is this still happening on Tuesdays at 6?

Scott Johnson   January 6 at 6:39am

And singles are at pc tomorrow?

James Beckner    November 25 at 5:42pm

Saturday league - Peters Creek @ 1100 - 11/25/17

Andrew E   November 25 at 6:56pm

James Beckner call me 907-280-7606

Scott Groves    November 24 at 9:44pm

Impromptu glow round tonight at west Chester. Just talked to matt and can bring lights. Singles/doubles whatever the consensus is. Hope to see ya there.


Russell Janeway    November 23 at 12:52pm

Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE! Anybody wanna hit up Westchester Lagoon before Thanksgiving meals? I was thinking more morning ish. Give me a holla on here or give me a call?

Killian Flannery   November 23 at 7:18pm

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving. What time ish were you thinking and has anyone else shown any interest?

Joe Schacht   November 24 at 6:54am

Happy Thanksgiving buddy! Would be good to get a round in bro. Hit me up

Gabe Kutcher    October 31 at 11:34pm

Anyone know about anchorage Parks and Recreation progress with the Davis Park DGC? I found a map of the would be layout.

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Joe Schacht   November 3 at 1:35am

Looks forehand friendly!

Jeremy Boyd   November 3 at 4:59am

I think it's difficult to tell looking at this map. I walked through several times with AK and given the amount of trees to be cleared it can be tough to see potential lanes. I am really stoked with the design of a few in particular. : )

Adam Klein   January 4 at 12:59am

Yes Joe definitely forehand friendly. With the design Gabe posted, all the pins are in the longest position. And this is the graphic that has been submitted to JBER. There are two tees and two pin locations per hole. And yes, Jeremy is correct, we are again on hold waiting for approval from the JBER ... more

Rick Cramer    October 30 at 6:53am

Indoor Putting League for 10/31/17 is at H2Oais starting at 6:00
Email me at [email redacted] if you will be attending.


Scott Groves    October 25 at 11:17pm

Cash double round at west Chester tonight. We will have lights on baskets and lights to purchase for frisbees. This is an impromptu round before doubles league starts next Wednesday. Be there by 6:15 at the latest. Round starts at 6:30.


Rick Cramer    October 24 at 9:32pm

Indoor Putting League cancelled for tonight 10/24/17


Ken Mitchell    October 21 at 5:58am

Westchester baskets are in woot woot

Andrew E   October 21 at 7:03am

So are people interested in a ro

Andrew E   October 21 at 7:03am

***people interested in playing a 5$ dubs or something tomorrow? If so text m9mje

Andrew E   October 21 at 7:04am


Rick Cramer    October 17 at 4:07am

Indoor Putting League 10/17/17
We Will be at H2Oasis starting at 6:00


Rick Cramer    October 10 at 11:19pm

Indoor Putting League 10/10/17
We will be at H2Oasis starting at 6:00


vlasy kutsev    October 6 at 8:53pm

5:30 pre tournament doubles at pc tonight!

Andy Nichols   October 6 at 10:42pm

What tourney ??

Joe Schacht   October 7 at 1:57am

Alcantra PC tourney!

Brad Beiser    October 4 at 5:16pm

Hey guys going to try and get a $5 cash round at pc tonight 6:00

Jeremy Boyd   October 4 at 6:43pm

might want to make it 5:30 with the daylight

Rick Cramer    October 3 at 2:40am

Every Tuesday night


Rick Cramer    October 3 at 12:55am

Cost is $12 ( $5 payout - $5 fee - $2 towards championship event in May)
The first event will be help at H2Oasis starting at 6:00pm.
I will provide Pizza and soda for first event. If you are planning on attending please let me know at [email redacted] so I can plan accordingly.
I'm also working at getting Lakefront Hotel as a venue.


Rick Cramer    October 3 at 12:54am

I'm working on setting up an indoor putting league this winter. So far I have two different locations and am working on getting more. I'm thinking of having this on Tuesday nights starting at 6:00pm. Random Draw Dubs Format:

At 6:00pm, all registered players will draw a single playing card. You’ll partner with the person with the matching color and number (i.e. red 6’s, black queens).

If there’s an uneven number of players registered, I may join in, or there mig ... more

vlasy kutsev   October 3 at 1:11am

will it still start tomorrow? idk if i can make it but this seems awesome. i will definately be playing.

Ken Mitchell    September 20 at 10:51pm

Play it Again Sports is having its 25th Anniversary hockey night all day 9/20/17 everything is 25% off including discs and bags but it is only 1 day sale


John Roe    September 12 at 1:24am

We've (FDGA) had 2 sucessuful bag tag seasons and it's added a little more fun of our dg season.

Any interest in a state wide bag tag league?

Right now just exploring the concept, easy buy in, $10 per tag, Not sure about anything else, just exploring the idea beofre I commit to it.


Tom Voight   September 12 at 6:13am

I would do it... WITH a compete clause ;-)

Justin Dunker   September 12 at 7:16am


Jimmy Gough   September 13 at 11:25pm

I'm in!!

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