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Greg Rouse    4 days ago

Hope you all can make the Mat-Su Open. On another note- we will be doing PC again for league in 2 weeks (September 10th.) It will be bring your own partner AGAIN!!! Be there by 6:45 so we can kick it off at 7:00. It seemed to be a big hit last time. Hole assignments made by order of sign up. See you there!

John Roe   2 days ago

Wish I could make it down to the valley

Greg Rouse    5 days ago

Update- MSO will not be played on a mishmash of random practice baskets like last year. We will be using a set of matching tournament grade baskets courtesy of Andrew E.


Matt E    5 days ago

Hey All! I'm coming up to the Anchorage / Palmer area tomorrow and will be in town until the 4th of September. Looking for someone to meet up with to play Kincaid, Hilltop, and Peter's Creek with...ideally sometime next week (Monday or Tuesday). I will not have cell phone reception (Sprint) but will have email / Skype access. If anyone is game to show me around, hit me up at [email redacted] . Cheers!

Lou Dogg   5 days ago

Hi Matt. I sent you a private message.

Greg Rouse    5 days ago

Sorry for the essay to come but... Course work going down during all daylight hours tomorrow- Friday night. I'll be there with tools to spare. But the most important thing- I I hope you all come out to see what the valley's got to offer. This tournament has been, so far, put together by only a handful of people. I've worked my ass off many days solo for over a month. Jesse, Aaron, Jeremy and Adam are the only others that have contributed (aside from our sponsors) but we have broke ... more

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Taylor Jacobs   5 days ago

i can come play as well if help isn't what is needed. I've been working two jobs the past 3 months so free time has been limited to do much. i was lucky i got to play states and help the bit i did at kincaid. i will head out that way after work. it's at alcantra right? i've only passed through wasilla so don't know much about things out there.

Jeremy Boyd   5 days ago

I'll be waiting for AE to get off work so I can't make it early today Greg but tomorrow is possible. Ready for league tonight : )

Greg Rouse   5 days ago

Yeah Taylor, it's alcantra. And that's alright Jeremy. We'll do what we can and I'll be back tomorrow to line people out (I have to go to Sutton to finish for part of the day.)

Greg Rouse    August 22 at 4:07am

So here's the big update for MSO. Couple things. Sutton day 1 CONFIRMED. Some lodging in the valley and transportation from wasilla to Sutton will be available. First come, first serve. Temp Baskets still needed for worst case scenario- I have 6 quality ones so far committed, 3-4 more needed. Discounted entry fees, and I can pick them up/return them. They will only be needed for Sunday and will be stored securely in my mancave. Course work in full swing. Saturday & Sunday at Sutton, ent ... more

Greg Rouse   August 22 at 4:18am

Lastly, the first inductee to Team Mat-Su will be announced at MSO. It's someone from Anchorage. This individual will receive some personalized gear (forthcoming), and will play our MSO for free annually (or an equally priced tournament if they can't make MSO), as well as other perks.

Gabe K    August 21 at 4:26pm

I am missing a couple of my MVP Volts (Pink) is at Kincad #16 short and right side or (White, Golf is Dead stamp) Hilltop in the area being cleared by the bear den. I would greatly appreciate seeing them again (Pink has had multiple aces from Juneau, an it's just a favorite)


Gabe K    August 21 at 4:21pm

I'm heading to Salt Lake City, UT in the next week an curious if any body in AK been and or has suggestions as to courses they've played in Utah.

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Luke Monyer   August 21 at 4:45pm

Canyons resort in Park City

John Roe   August 22 at 2:19am

Played Creekside Park in Slc, I think it's one of the first 7 courses created in the US, it's a nice course, play Solitude, just to say you did, it's fun, take the lift up and play down, 18 is 1200+ feet , I think, easy to lose disc.

Gabe K   August 22 at 1:35pm

Thank you for the feed back on course you've played Luke and John.

Thad Murgatroyd    August 20 at 3:06pm

Hi All. I was looking forwards to going to Homer this weekend but its looking like I won't make it . So im making lemonaide out of lemons . I am going to be at Hilltop the next few days working on the course . Hole 5 is close to playable on Sunday if I can get some help building piles for the tractor to move out . Hilltop and I are working hard to improve the course with new tee positions on pins but we need help to get it done before fall and season finale tourney . Im excited by the new w ... more

Taylor Jacobs   August 21 at 1:06pm

there is a chance i will be up sunday and if so i can help after the round

Thad Murgatroyd   August 22 at 1:03am

Cool thanks . Mike and I will be up Saturday working as well

Thad Murgatroyd    August 20 at 2:31pm

Say something ...Sunday Sanctioned Leagues will be at Hilltop on Sunday at 11 am . 8 bucks with 4 going to payout by Division . Single play and a great way to get tourney points on a rated round . Come on up the hill is playing great


Greg Rouse    August 19 at 8:08am

For those of you not going to Homer (I can't, too much to do for the MSO) I will be running a work day at Sutton on Saturday followed by a cash game on the blues/reds, and a work day at alcantra on Sunday followed by a cash round on some layout or other. Things I need- string trimmers, brush cutters, 300ft tape measure, steel rakes, shovels, and MANPOWER. I don't think I can do this all by my self. Let me know!


Scott Johnson    August 17 at 10:06pm

2 prototype discs and a quick dry shirt, plus some other stuff, for 25 bucks. Sign up for the ace race super event in Largo, FL. I'll get all the player packs delivered to Anchorage if you can't make the trip.


Jake Haskin    August 14 at 9:41am

Brian will be out at kincaid tonight from 6-6:30 for early registration for states. I'll be running a $5 doubles round at 645 also. Come on out and get registered and get a little practice in tonight!


Greg Rouse    August 14 at 3:28am

Thank you all very much for coming out to PC and making this league an awesome one. We beat our attendance record by 3 (35, previous record 32) and I for one had a great time. We also had two aces tonight! Congratulations Tom (hole 10, backhand, meteor) and Andrew E. (Hole 13, backhand, some sort of disc.) Just out of curiosity, if I were to do the league again at PC, who would attend again? And, if so, would you want to do it BYOP again or just random draw? After what I saw tonight I will almos ... more

Andrew E   August 14 at 3:57am

'07 Stamp Bluegill DGC ROC!! (some sort of disc) Come on now......

Jeremy Boyd   August 15 at 3:29am

that was a sweet shot

Greg Rouse    August 8 at 7:04pm

The MSDGA's Thursday league for next week (8-13) will be Bring Your Own Partner at Peter's Creek. 6:45 sign up, 7:00 start time. $6 for members, $8 for non-members. Post your teams in the comments.


Greg Rouse    August 8 at 6:49am

Aaron and I have busted our asses on it lately (to the point of heat exhaustion earlier today) and we're finally ready to reveal the secret course you may have heard of. It's going to take some polishing to get to tournament readiness so here's the deal. Bring some work gloves and any tools you may have (string trimmers, limbing tools and mowers are most needed) to the Sutton DGC Sunday and we'll get it ready to play for Mat-Su open and then play a cash round when we're finished. I'll reveal the location if I can get enough people to commit.

Jeremy Boyd   August 8 at 10:32am

after church ud83dude09

Adam Klein    August 7 at 3:59pm

I big thank you to all who have worked out at Kincaid so far. It helps to put it all in to perspective just how overgrown the course is. It is looking good and there is still a lot to do. We are probably at about 50%. I will be updating the List shortly. Thank you all again for your dedicated efforts.


Greg Rouse   August 7 at 8:16pm

I'll see if Aaron is willing to come out with me Saturday to finish up.

Thad Murgatroyd    August 5 at 3:46pm

Hi . Here is the gist of whats happening at Hilltop concerning the layout changes we are working on . Due to insurance purposes the halfpipe ( hole 5/6) is going away so we will have a new wooded hole 5 . Hole 6 may change as well but I will have to see after the half pipe is gone . We are losing the mounds on hole 8 so the tee and baskets are going to be in new places . The tee will be in the woods to the left of the current tee . You will be shooting from the woods to the 2 trees behind the mo ... more

Gabe K   August 5 at 6:30pm

Good to hear the updates on progress. By chance any white disc found in that rough that was exposed on 10 like a custom stamp MVP Volt?

Pat Miller   August 6 at 4:28am

What's happening at the Gist!?!

Adam Klein   August 6 at 1:33pm

That's for you tell us Pat... ;)~

Thad Murgatroyd    August 4 at 1:04pm

Hi . I will be at Hilltop today working on Hole 5 if anyone wants to help . I will also be playing the big course around 7 if anyone wants to join me.

Adam Klein   August 4 at 1:57pm

I will be at PC slinging mulch today...but I will be up on Thurs. to help. Oh and tomorrow I will help with the youth camp. 11 am, yes?

Thad Murgatroyd   August 4 at 2:00pm

Camp starts at 1 pm

Adam Klein   August 4 at 2:01pm

Cool thank you.

Jordan Thies    July 29 at 5:58pm

So I want to get out and get Kincaid ready because it needs allot of work. and in the past people picked holes and worked on them, is this happening this year?

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Lou Dogg   July 29 at 9:01pm

Som has number 2.

Adam Klein   July 29 at 9:29pm

LOL....yes good to see proactive posting. I will have both mowers tomorrow. I will post more later tonight or in the morning.

Greg Rouse   July 30 at 2:57am

1, 2, 6, 7, 10, 13, 17... Almost half the course. Let's get some more! And find me a hydraulic bush hog attachment for a skid steer so I can do a hole per hour!

Greg Rouse    July 29 at 7:31am

It's that time of year again. We still haven't raised enough money for baskets at Alcantra, and as a backup plan in case something else I have in the works doesn't pan out, I need volunteers who have PDGA legal baskets acceptable for a C-tier to step up to loan them for Sunday, August 30 at Alcantra. This year, if we need to use them, I'm going to cut $5 off the donor's entry fee and enter them into a drawing for something awesome. Let me know ASAP. I have 3 so far, and need 6 more. Thanks again, and I hope to see you out there.

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Chad Rutledge   July 29 at 11:51am

I have a discraft chainstar I can loan.

Thad Murgatroyd   July 29 at 2:52pm

I might be able to borrow hilltops temp basket

Greg Rouse   July 29 at 4:57pm

Awesome guys. I should mention that I'll even transport them if need be. Thanks.

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