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Jake Haskin    February 7 at 5:11am

Whats the word on a schedule for this years tournaments? I know a few people trying to make plans to come up or take trips out and want to know when the tournaments are.

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Adam Klein   7 days ago

will spruce it up and get it posted on social media

Thad Murgatroyd   6 days ago

You left out the B tier at Hilltop June 17/18

Thad Murgatroyd   5 days ago

Thanks Thad for getting the info .. You're welcome

Jeremy Boyd    February 2 at 5:31pm

Come join us at Peters Creek this evening for some MSDGA glow dubs action! Be there by 6:45 or so with cash in hand, I'm planning to get there this afternoon to scrape and throw some salt down. I believe we have 5 or 6 coming at this point, let's make it at least two cards!


Greg Rouse    February 2 at 12:11am

There will be a meeting regarding the future of the Government Peak rec area (where we were approved for a disc golf course) on February 28th at the Govt Peak chalet from 3-5 pm. Bring your ideas to an officer and bring yourself to the meeting- let's get a good showing from the DG community!

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Jeremy Boyd   February 2 at 3:29pm

I will definitely make every effort to be there Greg. I hope all ADGA members are as excited as I am about the potential course, with a good design we could create another championship level course in the state. Anyone who is familiar with this area should be really stoked for the possibilities it will offer. I know I am!

Fritz Frier   February 3 at 4:19pm

Why is it at 3-5 on a Tuesday? Most people are going to be at work.

Greg Rouse   February 4 at 12:24am

Not sure. We didn't schedule it. Ask Col. Strabel?

Jeremy Boyd    January 17 at 8:19pm

Young gun Eagle McMahon expresses a desire to come to the 49th state for King of the Hill : )

vlasy kutsev   January 17 at 8:37pm

haha thats cool. i played 2nd round at the memorial last year with jeff the guy asking the questions. Lets get him up here.

Brad Larson   January 18 at 6:50pm


Jeremy Boyd    January 5 at 5:58pm

Come on out to Peters Creek for some MSDGA glow dubs tonight, get there with cash by 6:45 : )


Greg Rouse    December 14 at 1:58am

This is waaaay delayed but someone left a swirly mini at ring of fire at PC after Vlasy's tournament. Describe it and I'll return it.

Andrew E   December 14 at 2:12am

If it says supreme flight it's Boyd's or someone else I gave one 2. That don't help I'm just bored. Live you guys hope to throw with you soon!!!!

Jeremy Boyd   December 14 at 10:40am

got mine...hit me up AE

Greg Rouse   December 14 at 5:57pm

It's not one of those. Anyone else?

Jeremy Boyd    December 10 at 11:02am

PDGA sanctioned Saturday league play is at PC this morning at 11 am for those of you who weren't able to make it last week.


Thad Murgatroyd    December 9 at 2:01pm

Hiya , i was curious when the next ADGA meeting was being held and if we are holding elections this yr or just going with the current board . Thanks for a great yr and hopes for a awesome 2017 season

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Jeremy Boyd   December 19 at 3:08pm

AK???? Yes we plan to hold elections, I believe we will be looking for someone who may be interested in the position of Vice President. I will run for Treasurer again, and I believe AK would like to run for President again. I am also assuming that Timari is willing to run for Secretary again...... : )

Timari Mitchell   December 21 at 9:57pm

Yes i am willing to run for secretary again

Jeremy Boyd   December 22 at 2:04am


Tom Voight    December 7 at 5:13pm

Hey all. I traded/sold someone a green swirly-ish Beast and I cant remember who. Well someone found it at Westchester and hit me up since my number was still on it. If its yours, let me know and i can put you in contact to get it back!


Greg Rouse    December 7 at 2:58pm

Silky reruns SHIPPED! I'd like to know everyone who didn't get one but wants one. I only ordered 60 and 20 are already spoken for. There are 20 harps and 20 eMac truths left. If you look at the live stream you'll get an idea of some of the colors available, and I'll try to reserve the color you want. I'd prefer if you folks that got left out last time contact me first and asap. Text is preferred at 907-315-2343.


Brian Gutzwiller    December 3 at 12:30am

PDGA leagues start tomorrow. See link for details.


vlasy kutsev    December 1 at 5:08pm

for any of u anchorage people if you havent heard MSDGA's northern lights glow league is going to be at PC tonight. start time is 7, and for any of you who havent played PC glow you will be in for a treat. i wont be able to be there but come out and support the club. thanks

Jeremy Boyd   December 2 at 3:53pm

you should've come, who wants to watch the Vikings lose anyway? lol

Joe Schacht    December 1 at 4:45pm

Hey if anyone has time and wouldn't mind shoveling to tee pads at kincaid before it gets trampled down it would be sweet and much appreciated. Thanks! Disc on my friends!!!!

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Gabe Kutcher   December 2 at 8:42pm

Thanks Chad.

Pat Miller   December 3 at 1:26am

That dude Chad is the man

Jeremy Boyd   December 3 at 1:11pm

the dude abides

Matt Hernandez    November 24 at 11:19pm

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!! Just an update for anyone who wasnt at dubs last night. Next weeks Wednesday night glow dibs will be the 1st Bring Your Own Partner night of the season! Please comment here with who you are partnering up with! Hope to see you all out there next week! DISC ON my friends!

Jeremy Boyd   November 25 at 1:40pm

Brad Larson and Jeremy Boyd

Matt Hernandez    November 13 at 9:43pm

Heading to the Goon and setting up the lights for anyone who wants to come join me and Randy for some glow


James Beckner    November 11 at 11:00pm

Cash game tomorrow Kincaid 1100. Pro tees or am tees or both, up for debate

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Thad Gunther   November 12 at 2:45am

$1100 that's a lot of dimp! what time you want to play!

Jeremy Boyd   November 12 at 2:54am

pads got a little icy tonight

Gabe Kutcher   November 12 at 11:15am

I plan to be out there around noon playing non-cash recreational golf with Pero. We can cheer you on!

Matt Hernandez    October 26 at 12:32pm

Remember....tonight is the Wednesday Night Lights Winter League kick off at Westchester! Come down and let's start the season off with a great showing! Money in no later then 615pm. Dont be late!!!


Greg Rouse    October 23 at 5:16am

REMINDER. Cash dubs league finale at 2pm, Alcantra. All are welcome and $15 for all. $1 to ace fund, $14 to payout. Random draw. See you there!


Greg Rouse    October 21 at 5:47am

Found at ring of fire at PC- a mini. Who left it? Also, what color is it just to be sure?


Matt Hernandez    October 20 at 4:40am

Hey guys. Just wanted to let everyone know we will be starting Wednesday Night Lights at the Goon next Wednesday Oct 26th. Money in by 615pm, Tee off at 630. You know the drill! I will have lights available for purchase if you do not have any. $3 for a pack of two, per the usual. Get your mits and hats out, and come join us to kick the winter league off! Any one that has any questions, hit me up. I will be posting more info and the full schedule over the next couple days. Hope to see you all out there this coming Wednesday! Disc On my friends.

Jeremy Boyd   October 20 at 10:13am

think we charged $4 for the two pack 😁

Shay Stewart   October 21 at 5:03pm

Yep 4

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