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Jeremy Boyd    1 day ago

I am going to run a $5 cash dubs this evening at PC. We are on limited daylight at this point so I'd like to be TEEING OFF at 5:30. Try to make it by 5:15 so we can get moving. Hope to see you out there!


Thad Murgatroyd    4 days ago

C Tier Sunday Oct 2nd Hilltop
Registration 10:30 - 11:30 , Players Meeting 11:30 - 11:45
Pro tee off at 12 , AMs will follow
20.00 Pro entry with current PDGA Membership 30 W/O
10.00 AM with Current Membership 20.00 W/O
This a chance to get 1 more Rated round on the Hill for the yr . No frills , no players packs . Pro's play for some cash ( entry fee minus 5.00 greens fee )
Am's play for glory and a possible PR
This is a 1 round event and we hope some will stick around and help put baskets away for the winter . Thanks and hope to see you there .

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Thad Murgatroyd   3 days ago

This is just filling the gap in the schedule and numerous people wanted another rated round on the hill and with the course being taken down for the season after this weekend Mike Pero stepped up to run it . As far as 1 rd I wasnt aware of needing more than 1 rd to qualify as official . I honestly dont think there is enough light for / rds or interest in 2 rds in a day.

Thad Murgatroyd   3 days ago

I believe Season Finale is happening late Oct

michael pero   2 days ago

Only one (1) round of 13-18 holes is needed as per PDGA, C Tier event. Come on out and enjoy.

John Roe    4 days ago

I'm changing plastic on my MVP putters and while checking out the MVP putter site, there is a cool video of someone throwing Peters Creek with only a MVP Putter. Who is that? I have some questions.

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Jake Haskin   4 days ago

Definitely is tyler. He does love his mvp, i can put you in contact with him if youd like john

John Roe   3 days ago

Jake, thanks i'd like to check out MVP other plastics outside of the Proton, I love my MVP putters but want to feel the other plastics types before i spend alot of $

Thad Murgatroyd   3 days ago

Gabe Kutcher also throws MVP and will be at Hilltop Sunday morning

Greg Rouse    September 9 at 5:30am

So I was so focused on getting the Silk Memorial submitted immediately to PDGA that I totally forgot about DG scene! I'll post it up (including Taylor's ace) as soon as I'm home from Juneau.


Greg Rouse    September 1 at 6:19pm

Msdga dubs at pc tonight 9-1. Be there before 7 please!

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Jeremy Boyd   August 26 at 2:13pm

Just turn the cameras off when I get to #8

Justin Dunker   August 28 at 2:21pm

You know this means it'll be a Pokemon Go course in no time.

Jeremy Boyd   August 28 at 6:57pm



Greg Rouse    August 12 at 2:06am

Friday night cash round at alcantra with OBs, islands and mandos in play. Singles or doubles depending on group consensus. $5. A little bit more flexible start time, cards will go out around 7:15.


Thad Murgatroyd    August 10 at 3:33pm

5 buck money dubs at Hilltop Thursday night at 6:30


vlasy kutsev    July 30 at 2:29pm

anyone Down for a round at Kincaid today around 1230?


Chad Rutledge    July 8 at 9:01pm

Heads up for those headed to Kincaid this weekend

"Westbound Raspberry Road will be CLOSED between the southbound Minnesota Drive Off-ramp and Cranberry Street from 8:00pm Friday, July 8, until 5:00am Monday, July 11. During this time, the northbound left turn-lane from Northwood Street onto Raspberry Road will also be CLOSED. Eastbound Raspberry Road traffic will remain open throughout the closure. Please follow construction signs for Detour"


Shay Stewart    July 5 at 8:22pm

Hey all,
Please sign up for hole prep with the dates you'll be working we need to get it knocked out this week!


Greg Rouse    July 5 at 1:29am

This upcoming league is bring your own partner. Please contact me via phone or through the comments section to register your team. Earliest registrants get closest hole assignments.


Andy Nichols    July 1 at 8:24am

Hey guys I was just wandering when the registration will open for states or if it is where do I sign up??? I'm super stoked to make it this year I think it's my 10thor 11th year consecutively to play

Brian Gutzwiller   July 2 at 9:54am

you can sign up at Kincaid the morning of the tournament. I will also be at Wednesday leagues at Kincaid.

Andy Nichols   July 4 at 5:00pm

Thanks Brian

Scott Johnson    July 1 at 12:49am

Selling a new dynamic discs soldier bag with matching dd double shoulder straps - $60

Greg Rouse   July 1 at 4:40am

Could you make me a deal for the straps?

Scott Johnson   July 1 at 1:20pm

I'm trying to sell it as a package, but the straps were only 26.99 on Amazon

Chris Perry    June 28 at 4:21am

Are Wednesday dubs going to be at Hilltop this week

Shay Stewart   June 28 at 8:52pm

No sir, they will be at Caid.

Dave Rector    June 23 at 6:47pm

Hi folks,
Just a heads up if anyone isn't loving any of their Trilogy discs from this past weekend let me know. I'm interested in picking more of all three up. Thanks everyone!


Kevin Twing    June 20 at 6:57pm

Would like to join ADGA. Someone point me in the the right direction.
Thank You Kevin Twing

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Kevin Twing   June 20 at 4:41pm

My son and I will be there Wed@kincaid to sign up.

Shay Stewart   June 20 at 5:46pm

Sounds good. See you then.

Shay Stewart   June 20 at 5:47pm

$40 to become a member and 7 for leagues. I'll be there by 6 for sign ups.

Greg Rouse    June 17 at 11:05am

I have a bit of a dilemma. I completely spaced the fact that jailhouse was coming up and meant to run my dubs there the Thursday before. It could still be done, however, I obviously wasnt able to announce it at league tonight. Here's my question. If I ran my dubs there Thursday night, who would show up? If there is resounding support I'll make phone calls and post signs at Alcantra. I'd love to do it for some last minute practice with the added bonus of cash on the line but I want to be fair to my league's regulars. Who would show up next Thursday if I did roll call at 7:00?

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Brian Cassidy   June 17 at 3:00pm


Matt Hernandez   June 18 at 3:40am

Definitely. Count me in.

Dave Rector   June 23 at 2:48pm

Would LOVE to. Working the tap room at Arkose in Palmer. Come have a beer first!

Thad Murgatroyd    June 15 at 8:53pm

Terry Miller AKA Discgolf guy is in need of a loaner car during his stay . Does anyone have a extra car ?

Andrew E   June 15 at 5:08pm

I'm probably going to be in Michigan so out of 3 of the vehicles I think, I think he should be able too. Text me separate and I'll talk to the wife and figure it out.

Joel Cook   June 15 at 11:57pm

How long and where in Michigan you going to be?

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