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Just Disc Golf Driving advertisment 2.wmv
Just Disc Golf 1416 Whipple Ave Nw Canton, Ohio 44708 Indoor driving instructions or putting instructions by appointment only please call or email for...
Super close ace on 4
once again super close ace im getting close but not in the chains
Close ace
shooting some disc at the park once again
Jordan driving Hole 14 at LL Woods
Capturing Driving Technique on Long hole, LL Woods, Hole 14, bombs it and gets the distance
How to Play Disc Golf : How to Grip the Disc for a Backhand Throw
Learn how to grip the disc for a backhand throw in this free video lesson on disc golf. Expert: CR Willey Contact: www.discraft.com Bio: CR Wille...
J.D. Shanks Drive Hole 14 LL Woods
I can see from the video that my reachback is too low, and my followthru is less than desirable.
George's Forehand on Hole 14 LL Woods
George's Forehand Driving technique on Hole 14 at LL Woods captured
Adam driving hole 14 LL Woods
Capturing Adam's drive Technique on hole 14 at LL Woods
Tee Rex in the wind!
360 Drive Technique
Jordan's 360 Drive Technique captured on Hole 14 LL Woods
Good Feeling
little bit of what i do..
homemade basket 5
items were from home depot
how to ace everytime
Hole 16 pike lake state park
great round shot really well
How to Dye a Disc Golf Disc (1 of 2)
Here is a pretty simple process of dyeing a disc golf disc. This video is part 1 of 2 parts. Recorded using a Flip UltraHD. If you're going to use ...
Présentation du disc golf
Le but du jeu est de faire progresser son propre disque (frisbee) du départ jusqu'à une corbeille en le lançant à la force du bras en un minimum d...
first 360 throw on a course!
Shot this one off hole 14 in IF as a fun second shot. Got it about a hundred feet closer than my actual drive. Guess I know what I'll be shooting fr...
Atunga 360 drive
Mazza throwing a 175 Z force on the 465ft hole 12 of the N.W course at ft.steli
Atunga tee'd off
throwing a first run Z nuke on hole 12 on the N.W course at ft steli disc golf course