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Disc Golf in Africa "Basketastic Travel Adventures"
I take the DISCatcher Travel basket all over CapeTown, make some sweet pressure putts and catch some sweet scenery!
Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Forehand Drives
Pro disc golfers Mark Ellis, Mike Raley and 'Critter' Bill Themm teach you how to throw a forehand drive. Learn about different forehand grips, styles...
Disc Dyeing 102: Part 3
Chuck and Tim are back with more disc dyeing instructions. Some of it we covered before, but there's some helpful new stuff here too, particularly th...
ABDG Innovations Episode #2 LED Basket & Led Discs
Ive been searching for the best ways to light up your disc and Basket for night Disc Golf. Here are a few ide ABDG TUESDAY GLOW
Pro-Lines #1 Lakewoood DGC Disc Golf Flight Tracking
This is the debut of Pro-Lines a brand new series that will focus on a new way of disc tracking. I will be using Pro-Lines to show the lines of cours...
No Disc Golf in the house
The wife said no disc golf in the house...
Best disc trick shot ever
THE BEST TRICKSHOT IS AT 1:00 Filmed a trickshot video with Thomas, unfortunately he was pretty cold on the money shots today and I ended up changi...
Ken Climo Freestyle Frisbee Session @ 2014 Worlds
Cool video of Ken Climo showing of some freestyle Frisbee moves at 2014 worlds last year. Like, share and Subscribe.
ProLines Disc Tracking #2 at Lake and Sea Open
NWDG TV Presents: ProLines Disc Tracking #2 at Lake and Sea Open I am looking for Pro's in the NW area intrusted in working on more ProLines videos...
Rick Saffeels "What's in My Bag" {Locals Route}
Rick Saffeels, Professional disc golfer for Team CherryBomm, Disc Golf Nation, Locals Route, and Break the Chain. Amped Wide Open Series: Part 2 Presented by CherryBomm
This was one of my best trips this summer. I can't wait for 2016!
Nikko Locastro: In The Bag
https://www.patreon.com/PureHyzerProductions | http://facebook.com/PureHyzerProductions
TOBU Discs - Rick Saffeels
Sponsored by TOBU Advanced Disc Technology Rick Saffeels #67122 - Salem, OR Demo Discs - Kyng Roller (175g) and Charge (175g) Thanks to all my ...
Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: The Fastest Way To Improve
Do you just want to play, or do you want to improve? Discraft Pro Mark Ellis leads a group of competitive Am players in an exercise designed to reinf...
Disc Dyeing 101: Part 1
Chuck and Tim walk through the basics of dyeing your own disc golf discs.
Disc Dyeing 102: Part 2
Chuck and Tim are back with more disc dyeing instructions. Some of it we covered before, but there's some helpful new stuff here too, particularly th...
Disc Golf Origins
A video I pieced together on disc golf, it's origins, it's audience, and the foreseeable future of the sport. MCCG Monday Night Singles
Throwing Discs in a Field #2
FULL SONG HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTRvl-7egJw you need to turn up your volume at the end to hear the "wtf" moment! Hit like if you enjo...
Avery Jenkins drives in slow-motion
Avery Jenkins drives from two viewpoints. Backhand, forehand and 360 backhand.
Arte Dye Park in Utah Hole 4 - Slow Motion
My Slow Mo Vid - Throwing a Discraft Avenger SS
Disc Golf Matters. - A Documentary
This is the best Documentary I've found on the sport of Disc Golf so I wanted to share it. I believe that the sport of disc golf matters. This is t...
Backhand Thing
Me working on the backhand. I just started.