MVP Axis Initial Field Test

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Here you get to see the brand new MVP Axis midrange driver being tested. These are my very first throws ever with the mold so I'm obviously still learning its nuances, but its a very fun and easy disc to throw. It likes to go straight, but will respond to hyzer and anhyzer angles well. Some things that stood out to me:

-It's straighter overall than a Buzz at high speeds, showing less high speed turn and fading a touch later in flight
-It's surprisingly high speed stable feeling on long forehand approach shots
-It's a far flying mid. I tested it against a Vector, Roc, Comet and Buzz all in similar weights and they were always in front of the pack or neck and neck with the furthest throw Granted I only did 3 sets of comparison throws, but still its not bad for a disc I had only 4 or 5 throws with when I compared them). The longer air shots and rollers I threw were in the 375'-400' range.
-It's a very precise roller. I'm still learning how much to stand it up but when I got the angle right it was extremely straight and predictable (Sorry I didn't include more BH rollers in the video but they were really difficult to see land and roll).
-It's a very comfortable disc in both FH and BH grips. The bead on it isn't very noticeable in the hand like my Comets or Rocs.
-Overall it felt fairly similar to the more recent runs of MVP Ions, just with midrange speed.

The song is by Animals As Leaders, it's called "Soraya."
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