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Interview with David Feldberg at the 2012 Augusta Classic
Dave takes some time to talk with us about his round and his marathon Non Stop Disc Golf Tour across America
Ypsi Dubs 2012-10-02 Final Fall league round - Fall Colors
I hope you enjoy the Fall colors and amazing sky which made our last round of the Fall League at Rolling Hills Park, Ypsilanti Mi. so amazing. Thanks... Ypsi Dubs 2012 Fall Folly - the Original - Tuesdays
Jonesville Park Disc Golf Course 08-17-2012
Mike and I played 18 at the beautiful Jonesville Park in Gainesville, FL
2012-10-16 Ypsi Dubs Glow Hole 3
2012_10_16_Ypsi_Dubs_Glow MBD Hole 3 sunset Johnny B & Dung Le GoPro quick vid Ypsi Dubs 2012/13 - Winter Glow - Tuesdays
Star Frame Hole 4
Remorseless duecing on hole 4 Freestate Doubles 2012
Doubles at Kennedy Park
A group taking part in weekly doubles at Kennedy Park DGC in Forest City, PA
Hole #2: In-camera basket
A camera in the basket picks up some action off the tee on Hole #2!
Ace Race A3 11/28/2008
Just ran across this video of an 2008 Ace Race and thought I'd add it to the collection. Snow No No No...... The A3 Ace Race at Hudson Mills, Dexte...
BLUE LAKE #1 0001
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Bronte Finals 2012
Fun round with Kip/Darren, Oz playing Cali and BC Gary and me
Brampton White Sprice Hole 11
Some near misses on Hole 11 at White Spruce Park
BLUE LAKE #3 0001
Disc golf at Blue Lake
BLUE LAKE #4 0001
Disc Golf at Blue Lake
Frisbeegolf: Vetikon Vaihtoehtoinen Rata
Itse keksimämme vaihtoehtoiset väylät vetikon frisbeegolfradalle. Väylät eivät ole kovinkaan turvallisia, joten emme suosittele heittämistä jo...
Frisbeegolf: Harjattula Rataesittely
Rataesittely Harjattulan frisbeegolfradalta https://twitter.com/MultiNuke http://frisbeegolfradat.fi/rata/harjattula_turku 1000rikki 15.8.2013
Frisbeegolf: Westside Discs Kalevan miekka/ Sword
Westside discin kalevan miekka draiveri https://twitter.com/MultiNuke 2000rikki...29.7.2013
Frisbeegolf: Westside Discs Pohjolan isäntä/ King
Westside discin pohjolan isänätä https://twitter.com/MultiNuke 3000rikki...16.7.2013 5000rikki...26.10.2013
Frisbeegolf: Westside Discs Pursi/ Warship
Westside discin uusi Pursi midrange. https://twitter.com/MultiNuke 1000 rikki 1.5.2013 2000 rikki 22.12.2013
Frisbeegolf: Westside Discs Pohjan poika/ Northman
Westside disc pohjan poika draiveri. https://twitter.com/MultiNuke 2000rikki.. 1.8.2013
Frisbeegolf: Westside Discs Tuonelan joutsen/Swan
Westsiden Tuonelan joutsen putti https://twitter.com/MultiNuke 2000rikki 22.8.2013