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Flip City DGC
Destroyer park job on the signature hole...
Flip City DGC
Made it through the wooded fairway to hyzer out in the open field, easy approach to the pin for 3.
Flip City DGC
Let it fly...
Hole #1 Beast
Geoff Bennett
Hole #1 Beast
Critter Bill
Michigan State final 9 skins
Uli overshooting his putt...
Michigan State final 9 skins...
Critter - So close, but no dice.
Michigan State final 9 skins...
Uli just over the top of the practice basket...
Michigan State final 9 skins...
Critter Bill - throwing from #18 beauty pin to #18 beast...
Augusta Classic 2012
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Ypsi Dubs 2012-10-02 Final Fall league round - Fall Colors
I hope you enjoy the Fall colors and amazing sky which made our last round of the Fall League at Rolling Hills Park, Ypsilanti Mi. so amazing. Thanks... Ypsi Dubs 2012 Fall Folly - the Original - Tuesdays
2012-10-16 Ypsi Dubs Glow Hole 3
2012_10_16_Ypsi_Dubs_Glow MBD Hole 3 sunset Johnny B & Dung Le GoPro quick vid Ypsi Dubs 2012/13 - Winter Glow - Tuesdays
Star Frame Hole 4
Remorseless duecing on hole 4 Freestate Doubles 2012
Doubles at Kennedy Park
A group taking part in weekly doubles at Kennedy Park DGC in Forest City, PA
Hole #2: In-camera basket
A camera in the basket picks up some action off the tee on Hole #2!