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benny hole 3
110 ft birdie putt
one of the downhill holes @ seasonal course @ Mont Avalanche, Quebec. I threw a bit far of the basket...
Is that a fountain?
Hole 15 Fountain Hills
Earl on 11 - Pine Grove Disc Golf
Earl on 11 - Pine Grove Disc Golf
Anaheim Ducks Die Hards
Disc Golf on the beach with homemade basket
first 360 throw on a course!
Shot this one off hole 14 in IF as a fun second shot. Got it about a hundred feet closer than my actual drive. Guess I know what I'll be shooting fr...
freeland hole 14. actually
nice lil birdie here. boo yah!
Hudson Mills 7/30/2011
Roc'n it out...
Hudson Mills - 7/30/2011
Original Course - hole #4 Shorts
Lions Wilderness Disc Golf Hole #1. The first 9 holes are short, but great for beginners or intermediate players looking to hone their short shots. ...
2011 El Dorado Flight Pt 1 Disc Golf Tournament First Round Holes 1-6
I followed a fellow LMDC Club member through his first round. In the group are "Super" Dave Bretado, Philo Brathwaite, Clinton Thompkins, and Steve Sy...