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How to Dye a Disc Golf Disc (1 of 2)
Here is a pretty simple process of dyeing a disc golf disc. This video is part 1 of 2 parts. Recorded using a Flip UltraHD. If you're going to use ...
Hole #1
Josh from Tee #1
Putting around at George Ward
Some putting at the local park in here in Birmingham, Al, George Ward. quesitons and comments appreciated
Run For the Border Hole 2 412'
Betts 4, Brinster 3, Soleng 3 Marcus 2
Toe shooting left handed at Rooster east side 4
i made him shoot left handed on this shot during a game of Ript! Bag Tag Challenge 2k10
Présentation du disc golf
Le but du jeu est de faire progresser son propre disque (frisbee) du départ jusqu'à une corbeille en le lançant à la force du bras en un minimum d...