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Video 92169 [untitled]
old man bob is in this one and he was in hes 80s and still a dame good golfer
On Point!
disc golfin' in a parking garage!
manic in the dome. throwing from press box
you can see crazy written all over this.....i'm the pyscho throwing my whole bag
sarge hole 1.3GP
on vacation in hilton head , luckily found a course to play
The Sarge hole12
what a great course
The Sarge hole 18
lots of trees on this hole lol
ace recap the day of
if u couldnt tell this is the moment after i got the ace on hole 16 at lincoln park in massillon, oh my second ace witch i later aced again the next ...
rainbow springs disc golf
hole 14 pretty nice course down by mohican campgrounds, but the damn horse flies are CRAZY!!!! and as u see i found bambii , made this video to show m...
slow mo
slow motion drive at quaker hill
6 first time at basket
this 6 year old in my apt can bang chains
dog trying for a bird dog at benson RIPT and hits me with the disc
chads re-throw
chad made an ace and the dog made him re-throw in the RIPT revenge tournament
Disc Golf Live episode 40 pt 2: Am Nationals, Collegiate Championships, Vibram O
We call this show "It's a Wrap" since the episode concludes coverage from several events we've featured recently. In this half, Michigan plays host to...