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Mi Disc Golf State Championships 2011 - Final 9 Skins - Hole2
Thanks to Stevo who used my pocket Pentax to capture the top 4 playing the second hole of the Final 9 Skins game devised and narrated by none other th... 2011 Michigan State Championship
Disc Golf - Dubs N' D Feat. Connect
A song about Disc golf... Hence the title.
Firming up a mogul at Sunnybrook
We added a mogul to plant a basket on top of. Since the dirt was new and we knew it would settle we needed to pack it down and in a hurry. Randy let J... Motor City Chain Gang Turkey Open 2012
The Lakehouse Ace
Upnorth with Big J, a temp basket that we set up down on the beach. Its about a 300 foot shot. We throw aviar's and roc's for fun. We get to drive a ...
Independence Lake - Chuck D. Memorial Course - Hole 9
Ryan Jones hits an Ace with love from the trees on Hole 9 at Independence Lake Chuck D. Memorial Course CADGL 2010
Adam driving hole 14 LL Woods
Capturing Adam's drive Technique on hole 14 at LL Woods
Disc Golf Putt Fail
Well, It happens to all of us :(
Discs in the mist RAK
Hole #6 for those who haven't been there, this drive set me up for a 20' birdie which I missed almost high putted the par shot.
Shanked it right.
I pulled it right but still had good distance.
Tee Rex in the wind!
Leverich Park With RAK
Richard "Side-Arm-ageddon" films his buddies at Leverich park Hole 9
Richard Side-arm-aggedon.
Hukin on Leverich hole
Disc golf
Disc golf video uploaded to DiscGolfScene.com
Dance Your Face Off... For the Holidays
Dance Your Face Off for the Holidays
Ryan Ranch Monterey, CA 01-29-12
Watch closely where my disc ends up. I couldn't believe how it landed. I did eventually get it down. 168g Echo Star Katana
Christian Waterman ace Hole 18 Silver Creek Disc Golf Course
Aced hole 18 with a discraft surge ss!!!!!!!