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geoff bennett memorial 2011
NEAR ace- discgolf at Pye Brook 18th hole
The only video i have of Pye- and it's a heartbreaker. I had only been playing for two months at the time, and i hit the top chains on hole 18 for an... Pye Brook Bag Tag League
Alaska State Disc Golf Championship
Small slide show from HillTop DGC
Amateur hour at Pier
Takin' a Bogey at the long pin on #18 at Pier Park
CCCG Scarboro-Snake Rock Mountain
CCCG Scarboro-Snake Rock Mountain
Disc golf
Disc golf video uploaded to DiscGolfScene.com
Baby Newton Fundraiser
A little video of NUDGA helping NUDGA Justin Green took & made enjoy. Our group, John P Justin A William B & Justin G Great day met the goal tons o... Baby Newton Fundraiser
almost skip ace hole 7 west park
Tuesday Two's 2008
Compilation of drives, putts. I posted this one because I am in it...lol. If you have never been out to Tuesday Two's, I encourage you to check it out...
Flip City DGC
Firebird vs. The Wind...Firebird wins.
Best disc golf shot ever "YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!"
Can't believe I got this shot on video! Josh's reaction is HILARIOUS!..."YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?" I could rewind that part over and over again!
Disc 4 Soul
Some dudes throwing stuff at other stuff
Sean Morgan Ace - Hole C @ Hudson Mills Monster
Finally got an ace on video. First skip ace.