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surprise of the fools
disc golf leauge play at drycreek cheyenne
Created on May 16, 2010 using FlipShare. 2010 DiscGust Singles
1st Person putt view
This was in my front yard and it was about 40 feet. Summer '09
A Round at Blue Mountain
Christian Dietrich, Wii Shane Anderson, and Damien Hoffman playing a winter round at Blue Mountain Disc Golf Course near Missoula, Montana.
Disc golf in kewanee 2
Kewanee dsic golf
D.G.O.D!! Timber Tag Match Hole 1 1/2/2011
D.G.O.D!! at Timber Park DGC.....Hole 1 DGOD Super Tag
2011 Do or Die Doubles Vidoes.AVI
Rustin throwing hole 18 long at Riverpark during the "Do or Die Doubles" DO OR DIE DOUBLES
Brent Hambrick Disc Golf Tournament 2009
DAY 2 Coverage of the Brent Hambrick Memorial Disc Golf Tournament in Columbus, Ohio July 11-12, 2009 including 2nd round coverage of the lead group a...
Hole 9 Cold Brook Park
Andy SmithFactory throwing Hole 9 at Cold Brook Park.
Ace on Hole #13 on Friday the 13th
$400 skip ace on hole #13 on friday the 13th! With a sprained ankle to boot! 2012 Friday Night Discin @ Stony
2013 DGLO
Will Schusterick #1 Toboggan tee off
RC Shot.wmv
Bellvue State Park, DE
Ace during Dirty Dollar$ disc golf round - Mike Frame of Brown Park Fame (ver 2)
Alternate format - An ace during a gang golf round is the highlight, but there were a lot of other great shots. Look for a story on Dirty Dollar$ in a...
More Snap 2009 Part #1
More disc golf snap. Somewhat long and, at times drab, but is a great explanation of the concept of snap on the thow. Helped my game quite a bit.
2010 Memorial
Listen to the announcer from across the lake. The Memorial Championship presented by Discraft
ct may 10, disc golf-me 117.AVI
my long range drive, sick hole at wickham
ct may 10, disc golf-wickham park manchester ct 114.AVI
savouth nice shot , good thing u missed practice shot and not the real one
My Putt in Lochna Course in Pilsen in Czech Republic
Moose Pretzel Disc Golf Course
Thad rips one on hole 17
Disc Golf In Anchorage, Alaska
Disc Golf In Anchorage, Alaska with Mitch Sego and local pro Stew-Dawg Hollowell
Swedish discgolf promo 2009
Produced by Jonas Löf, Director of photography and editing by Tomas Hammar, Music by Scencelled and Mange Schmidt
geoff bennet at winthrop gold course
This video covers the post usdgc layout of the winthrop gold course. The course is being played by Geoff Bennitt touring professional and Discraft eli...