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J4 Ace video hit
Nice video of an ace by my brother. He hit it during a tournament and won the ace pool worth $250. At a course in northern Michigan which no longer ex...
Kenai Eagle Birdie Challenge
Ian and Chris throwing birdies from every yellow tee. 5-25-11 Kenai Disc Golf League
Rolling Hills - Fly over the new area for the 2nd Disc Golf course
This new area has been allocated for mountain bike trail and a second disc golf course. We just need to layout the course so the park can submit the ...
Brady's Ace Hole 11 at Solitude
Thanks Michael for bringing the gopro. It was Andy's birthday, he should have been the one to ace, but... so sorry! I took the skinny gap with the ga...
Official NAAC Video Chapter 04
History of Disc Golf with Jeff Elliott - Audio Problem?? Next Adventure Amateur Championship
Jeremy Drive - Hole 5
Nice hallway shot
Steady Ed Safari at Ausable Chasm 02
Bob's shot on hole 12 in Ausable Chasm during the Steady Ed Safari Tournament. *****Hole is only available during tournament ***** Steady Ed Safari at Ausable Chasm
The Battle at Belle Isle Oct 27th 2012
Come along with Chris Gee and I to the Battle at Belle Isle in Detroit to help raise fund for a permanent course on the Island. Great location, great... Battle at the Belle
Hole 11 of Deerfield Park new course
Bandit Industry's "Stump Grinder 3000T" came to Deerfield Park and made short work of a LOT of Autumn Olive. Nacho and I marked this by crawling throu...
Tuttle montage
Just some drives, pictures, and putts all in one.
Disc Golf Live #51 pt 1 / Worlds 2012 Sr. Grandmasters and Tali Open
This episode starts with action among the professional senior grandmaster men at last summer's PDGA World Championships in Charlotte, NC. That's a gro...