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Buzzzn' Out
Herbert Hoover Hole 5
Flying Lea Championship
Highlights from the Flying Lea Championship at Bancroft Bay Park in Albert Lea on Aug. 28, 2011. Flying Lea Championship
Buzzzn' Out Pops
Dallas Hole 3 (Parked)
Dallas Hole 12
Dallas Hole 12
Mom's a Huckn'
Mom at Dallas hole 12
Pops 'a' Flickn'
Flick at Dallas hole 16
Katana Time
First time throwing Katana...little low but Ill get it...still parred though
Drew Retherford presents : The Brickyard. Disc Golf Painted with Lights Music
The best way to make a good photograph, a photograph that makes an impression, is to show the viewer something that hasn't been seen before. That is ...
NMDG 2011 Discraft Ace Race - In The Meadows (September 17th).wmv
Highlights from the NMDG 2011 Discraft Ace Race - In The Meadows ~ Alpena, MI ~ Lumberjack Meadows DGC NMDG Discraft Ace Race 2011 - In The Meadows
Deerfield Doubles
Doubles After The Ace Race Mt P Saturday Doubles
bad putting and camera test
If my putting hadn't been so bad that would have been -8 on 9 holes. -5 is not so bad though...