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winter yeti series
jo-jo with the ace run on safari hole 14 (leverich) Yeti Series - Winter League
Leverich park
unit parking hole 6
Leverich park
birdie putt for unit
team challenge trash talk,
mason doing his part to stir the smack talk.
Weird noise while playing disc golf.
I ran across this noise while out at hornings hideout playing Disc Golf.
P.O.M.A.P. making baskets
finishing touches to tom's proto leo basket...
Near ace at Jokers Peak
Tito nearly cans the 417ft. 9th at Jokers Peak. Rustin nearly falls on his can.
Disc Golf Live video magazine Episode 39 pt 2: Zen, Rose City Open, Tali Open
This is the first episode of Disc Golf Live video magazine we've posted online in its entirety. This part of the episode includes a trip to Oregon to ...
P.O.M.A.P. making baskets
in this video i show you how i make my "chain loops" i hope you dont judge but it's a pain in the ass... i just wanted to show how much i put into th...
HD Disc Golf Backhand Drive in Slo-Mo with Sony HDR-CX150
O'Hauser Park hole #10 January 8, 2011 slo-mo using my new HDR CX-150
HD Putting on 18 at O'Hauser park in Menasha
January 8, 2011 Putting on hole 18 at O'Hauser Park in Menasha. disc golf Professional usdgc money putt
Disc golf
Disc golf video uploaded to DiscGolfScene.com
Disc Golf 2010
Random shots of me and my disc golf gang from 2010. River Bends and Stony Creek.
The Better Line
Fail. A video on which line not to take.
Parked, at Golden Hills in Blacksburg, VA.
Disc golf
Disc golf video uploaded to DiscGolfScene.com
more minis
man it was the last shot and joesia makes a real tough hole its over the lights and on 2 the pool table and it also a island shot :)
mini mini minis
so this is the one thats an island shot
Rick's disc golf ace Lorriella
Ricky's Ace on hole 12
MTV Sports: Disc Golf 1994
This aired on MTV around 1994 or so.