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5/15/2010 Disc Golf at Tom Brown Park - Tallahassee,FL Part 1
Doug, Rob, and I playing at Tom Brown Park in Tallahassee, FL. Didn't get the whole round on tape...just half the course. http://www.discgolftalk....
Driving at Pleasant Hill Disc Golf in Scarborough, Maine
Emerson Open 021
Practice Putting. Billy and The KID 1st Annual Finger Lakes Open
Emerson Open 022
Women Division. Putting out on hole 18, 1st round 1st Annual Finger Lakes Open
Emerson Open 031
Gary Crowley throws an upshot on hole 7, 1st round. Gary Won the Open division 1st Annual Finger Lakes Open
Emerson Open 032
Finger Lakes Open. Billy putting on hole 6, 1st round. 1st Annual Finger Lakes Open
Hole 6 / Star Orc 169G
Tee-Off from hole 6 Goldenrod Disc Golf Course
Sander's Ferry Hole 14
This is a video of the longer water hazard out at Sander's Ferry in Hendersonville, TN.
Skylands Classic 2010 089.MPG
Hole 25 455' Lead Card second day
Jim Bacon and the Pluto Platter
Inspired after reading Frisbee By the Masters
2010/06/26 MiCPS HLW Mt. Pleasant Sat. Doubles
A few pictures from my trip to the Mt P Saturday Doubles Michigan Cooperative Point Series Highlighted league of the Week Doubles league • Nov... Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer
Steve -O and the car putt
Lake Walcott car putt
2010 Discraft Ace Race -- Ace caught on tape!
The unusual ace at around 0:45-1:00 in this video came from one of the early groups on the first hole of the tournament. We had a great crowd! 4th Annual Ace Race at Oregon Park
Vibram Disc Golf - Durability Testing
Vibram Disc Golf - Durability Testing. We take an X-Link Ridge and throw it against a cement wall 10 times. Then we do the same with plastic discs tha...
Ring of Fire Oak Valley Weekly
I end up winning the ring of fire.
Birdie Dance
Hardhof Switzerland. "Voodoo warriors" birdie dance after a nice straddle birdie put ... and then the great turbo put! ;)
David Wiggins Jr
2010 Disc Golf US Ams Championship after a bit of a rough start David Wiggins Jr. sets the tournament record on the Taboggan Run Course at 20 under. K...