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Over the hazard we go!
Great shot (quick snippet vid) over the water on Hole 4 at BAttle at ThE BellE 3! Battle At The Belle 3
Pure Hyzer Productions - 2014 Highlights
http://YouTube/PureHyzerProductions | http://facebook.com/PureHyzerProductions This 2014 Highlight reel showcases shots from all 22 players across ...
ace on 15 Pn Gauge Legacy
Disc Golf RC Car Rescue
After a day of disc golf, my buddy and I managed to throw the our discs on a frozen lake. Two kids with an RC car and 50 pound cat fish line showed us...
PHP #5 - New Years Disc Exchange, 2015
http://YouTube/PureHyzerProductions | http://facebook.com/PureHyzerProductions Sponsor: http://www.vibramdiscgolf.com Three teams go head to hea...
Do-It-Yourself Backpack Bag
A video I put together showing off a cost-effective way to make your own backpack style disc golf bag!
PHP #6 - Rain Or Shine, 2015 (Locastro, Gibson, Johnson, Owen, Noxon)
http://YouTube/PureHyzerProductions | http://facebook.com/PureHyzerProductions Sponsor: http://www.vibramdiscgolf.com Register for the Paradise ... Rain or Shine
2015 Scandinavian Open Course Review Holes 1 - 3
Follow along as Dave Feldberg, Devan Owens, and Eric McCabe take you through the beautiful disc golf course in Skellefteå, Sweden. 2015 Scandinavian Open presented by Latitude 64º
Toboggan Disc Golf Course Flyover - 2014
Toboggan Disc Golf Course Flyover US Amateur Disc Golf Championship Course - 2014 Drone Photog by Foz - John Minicuci on the flight assist, Editing... 2014 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships
PHP #8 - St. Patrick's Classic, 2015 (Wysocki, Barsby, Proctor, Rico)
http://YouTube/PureHyzerProductions | http://facebook.com/PureHyzerProductions Sponsors: Axiom: http://www.axiomdiscs.com Cali Connection: http... St. Patrick's Classic - Pro
Get In The Hole - Episode Two
The 2nd episode of "Get In The Hole", which is full of random shots from spots I might pass driving and pull out the practice basket. Please keep in ...
Disc Golf "The Bruce" off the water!
Disc Golf driver off the surface of the water.
2008 St. Louis Open - Final 9
Barry Schultz, Nikko Locastro, Justin Bunnell and Chris Boro play the final 9 at Endicott Park. This clip is a safari hole, 13's tee to 15's basket.
Ocala Greenway Disc Golf - Ocala, FL
Full 18 holes of disc golf from Ocala Greenway in Ocala, FL.
Whats in My Bag disc golf review
Showing my disc golf bag and what is in it. This isn't all of my discs but its just whats in my bag. there is also a little review about every disc.
A round at Zephyr Cove - with Jake Peters
Player: Jake Peters Videographer / Editor: Paavo Stubstad Music: Entheogenic - Entheogen Spice
GoPro: Buxton Woods Pt3
Buxton Woods 41214
Remote camera test
1st test of remote camera protection device to video future disc golf items
LSO Camp Taloali
Compressed Raw footage from round 1 hole 1 Liquid Sunshine Open