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Sick birdie drive
back to back birds
Cool putt
just playing around
Close ace
shooting some disc at the park once again
Sick drive on 26
killer drive on 26 at tyler
Super close ace on 4
once again super close ace im getting close but not in the chains
Hole 18 at pike lake state park.
ok shot got a nice tree love park shot a duece
Hole 16 pike lake state park
great round shot really well
Sasquatch Believe It
The life and times of the elusive hero.
Hole 1 pike lake state park
day before wildcat hollow open
Hole 17 at pike lake state park
THE day before wildcat hollow open.
Getting Snaky
@ The Pines
Terry Calhoun aces
Rolling Hills #13 during Church 08/01/10- 122$ Ypsi Dubs Summer League -={Church}=- Sundays
Putt through some trees
Hole #18, Bellamy Park - Dover, NH - Carl Fusco
Disc Golf - Very, Very Long Drive
Disc golf record long drive from top of Swiss Alps, land to a passenger cruise liner and way over forest tree tops for miles
Tasi= Putting Machine
24 Chains at Lakeshore
3-step 360 Backhand Drive
Parked under basket hole 19 at Arboretum Course in Canton Ohio. Notice I have stripped down the 360 degree Backhand Drive down to just 3 steps! In my ...
Tasi was a putting machine @24 Chains
24 Chains- Lakeshore 07/30/10
Future Disc Golfer
18 month old throwing disc
Tomahawk Ace
Just screwing around on
Of What Do Flashflights Dream?
Ever wonder what a light up Flashflight Frisbee dreams about...
Burbs Project (Teaser)
I have seen a few video's of people coming up with some amazing disc golf shots..... It looks so much fun I thought I would give it a try. So this is ...
Pine Grove Middle School - Baltimore, MD
I've looked at multiple sites and have gone through the club page, but so far, I haven't been able to find any accurate measurements for the holes, an...
Baked Potato Open July 10,2010
Steve Loyd, Ace on Island Hole 7. Steve won the open with a play off and also the Ace pot for the tournament. Awesome shot.