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Fantasy Course - Episode One
This kind of compilation won't be coming along too often, and I need to get back to some of the old courses I've played to retape them, but here it is...
2010/07/13 MiCPS HLW Ypsi Dubs Tuesday - Circular - Distant Systems
Michigan Cooperative Point Series summer 2010 Highlighted League of the Week Ypsi Dubs Tuesday League Rolling Hills park - Ypsilanti Mi. Ypsi Dubs Summer League - Tuesdays
Disc golf in kewanee 2
Kewanee dsic golf
Disc golf in kewanee
Spencer messing up on a side arm..CLASSIC!
Disc golf in kewanee
Kewanee disc golf
Urban Disc Golf Bloopers
A very random mix of urban bloopers, made shots, pics, etc. Enjoy i guess.
SLow MOtion disc golf Form
ME throwing to hard and my form is off ..and not smoth because of it .....
DGLO Championship Series #6 - Final 9 Showdown
Sunday, July 11, 2010 at Lakeshore (Ypsilanti, MI) hosted by Ann Arbor Disc Induced Sports Club Tournament director: Tim Gacioch DGLO Championship Series #6 and Final 9 Showdown
Disc Golf Tips and Technique: Driving with Dan Beto
This tips and technique video covers driving and features Dan Beto (aka masterbeato). Dan works us back from the hit and explains how he shifts his w...
Lohse Drive
Lohse Drive
Milt Tees it Up
Milt Tees it Up
Olin Drives
Olin Drives
Milt Putt
Milt Putt
Easy Putt
Nice n easy
Ken's disc golf ace hole 3 Valparaiso, In.
Kenny flips after making this ace! He aced hole 24 on the previous day but we didn't get it on video.
Stockholm Disc Golf Open - 2009 FINAL - pt.2(4)
SDGO Final - june 28 - 2009, pt.2-(4)... This part Includes: hole #3 "hole #4" and hole #5. (pt.3-(4) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyCRw_-zpCE )... Stockholm Discgolf Open
hole 1
league just a look of the hole. 2010 Cass Monday Night Leagues
Hole F