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Swedish discgolf promo 2009
Produced by Jonas Löf, Director of photography and editing by Tomas Hammar, Music by Scencelled and Mange Schmidt
Indy Doubles To Win Ace
Jeff Lozowsky Ace
The Ganga invades the Fontana Disc Golf course
Dennis, Elvin, Kevin, and Richard tore up the course in Fontana, NC. Or maybe it was the other way around? NOT! Kevin "aced" hole #1 and Dennis kep...
Team Just Disc Golf Presents The Ohio Turnpike Challenge Hudson, Ohio Disc Golf
Team Just Disc Golf Presents The Ohio Turnpike Challenge Hudson, Ohio Disc Golf tournament Summit DGA. Lunch by Dave's Cosmic Subs.com an out of this ... Team Just Disc Golf presents "The Ohio Turnpike Challenge at Hudson Springs Disc Golf Course"
Putt Jam
Just playing around @ Lunch Time.
Whistler's Bend - Hole 7 - Oregon
Created on October 20, 2010 using FlipShare.
THE "Lumberjacks" in College Park MD
IF dude wanted to play "catch"=ALL he had to do was ask..... :o)
2010 Mach 1 Highlights
Highlights from the 2010 Mach 1 Tournament held October 2nd and 3rd at Finnon Lake just outside Placerville, California
David Wiggins Jr
2010 Disc Golf US Ams Championship after a bit of a rough start David Wiggins Jr. sets the tournament record on the Taboggan Run Course at 20 under. K...
2010 USDGC: Nate Sexton Aces Winthrop Gold #7 with Forehand
A bit of footage of the top card, and then Nate's group plays the seventh. Be sure to check out Garrett Gurthie's excellent forehand deuce from outsi...
Birdie Dance
Hardhof Switzerland. "Voodoo warriors" birdie dance after a nice straddle birdie put ... and then the great turbo put! ;)
Ring of Fire Oak Valley Weekly
I end up winning the ring of fire.
Red River New Mexico
Super Long 9 hole all par 3. If you par this course you are a superstar hero.