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Kenai Eagle Hole 2 - Yellow
Z Buzzz off the tee.
2011/04/26 Ypsi Dubs - the Original Tuesdays - Disc golf League
Some of the action and antics for our Tuesday Ypsi Dubs league round. Part of the Michigan Cooperative Point Series - MiCPS-Summer 2011 Ypsi Dubs 2011 Summer League - The Original - Tuesdays
duecing dan
hole 13 indy lake picnic course
2011/04/27 24Chains ChaChi Round - Disc Golf or something like it..
A few pics and vid of the 24 Chains Cha Chi Rounds before the A3 One Disc Challenge. 24 Chains
2011/04/24 Ypsi Dubs -={Church}=- League round
A few pics and videos from the Easter league round - God bless the little bunnies.... Ypsi Dubs 2011 Summer League -={Church}=- Sundays
daemon stahlin hole 17 albion
Hole #6 4-21-11
Tee shot on hole #6 @ Joseph C. Miller DGC
Disc golf
Disc golf video uploaded to DiscGolfScene.com
Hål 17 skälby
My first!
TK near ace on 1 at Valley Springs
Chains Movie - Disc Golf Trailer
http://www.discgolfassoc.com/ Everybody's asking, what's the movie about? Who's going to be in it? Its about Disc Golf, yesterday, today and into ...
Twin Falls Money Game Mixtape TRAILER
A Trailer for the Twin Falls Money Game Mixtape coming out Summer 2011. Special Thanks to Fiddlehead Brewing.
Disc golf
Urban disc over by Kenai airport.
Bear recovery of disc #142 in 2011
Bear recovers one of Chris Brumwells disc. Schumaker Wednesday Dubz