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On Point!
disc golfin' in a parking garage!
Pier Park
Drive on #16
Hole 6 long at Soli getting parked
Mr. Dave Roper ladies & gentlemen
What happens when you take discs to work
A week in LA with no time off to play a course forced us to come up with interesting alternatives. We putted into boxes all week, but after 6 days I h...
The Ten Commandments of Recreational Disc Golf
As revealed unto the Guardians of Recreation.
Disc Golf
Intro to Disc Golf - from the Guardians of Recreation.
mini mini minis
so this is the one thats an island shot
more minis
man it was the last shot and joesia makes a real tough hole its over the lights and on 2 the pool table and it also a island shot :)
Trojan water putt
Tim Malone makes an awesome water putt
Video 92169 [untitled]
old man bob is in this one and he was in hes 80s and still a dame good golfer
Disc golf
Disc golf video uploaded to DiscGolfScene.com
Disc golf
Disc golf video uploaded to DiscGolfScene.com
Parked, at Golden Hills in Blacksburg, VA.
The Better Line
Fail. A video on which line not to take.
Virginia Ace
Ace on #4 at Golden Hills at Blacksburg,VA on 9.11.2010
Eric's Disc Golf Video
some random pictures and movies from recent rounds.
El Dorado Disc Golf Part 3
Holes 10 through 18. Ended up returning the Flip camera. It's just not good enough.
El Dorado Disc Golf Part 2
Holes 4 through 9.
El Dorado Disc Golf
I'm trying out my new Flip camera. Shot a full round, but only had time to put together the first three holes. The rest will come soon.
Disc Spinnin with Shaggy
Spinning discs at Sorosis Park in the Dalles, OR Bag Tag Challenge 2k10
Disc Golf 2010
Random shots of me and my disc golf gang from 2010. River Bends and Stony Creek.