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2011 Do or Die Doubles Vidoes.AVI
Brock putting at Riverpark during the "Do or Die Doubles" DO OR DIE DOUBLES
On Point!
disc golfin' in a parking garage!
Pier Park
Drive on #16
Hole 6 long at Soli getting parked
Mr. Dave Roper ladies & gentlemen
What happens when you take discs to work
A week in LA with no time off to play a course forced us to come up with interesting alternatives. We putted into boxes all week, but after 6 days I h...
The Ten Commandments of Recreational Disc Golf
As revealed unto the Guardians of Recreation.
Disc Golf
Intro to Disc Golf - from the Guardians of Recreation.
mini mini minis
so this is the one thats an island shot
more minis
man it was the last shot and joesia makes a real tough hole its over the lights and on 2 the pool table and it also a island shot :)
Trojan water putt
Tim Malone makes an awesome water putt
Video 92169 [untitled]
old man bob is in this one and he was in hes 80s and still a dame good golfer
Video 92168
TREES!!! are shaggys friends :)~
Video 92167
warm up putts at vance
Parked, at Golden Hills in Blacksburg, VA.
The Better Line
Fail. A video on which line not to take.
Virginia Ace
Ace on #4 at Golden Hills at Blacksburg,VA on 9.11.2010
Eric's Disc Golf Video
some random pictures and movies from recent rounds.
El Dorado Disc Golf Part 3
Holes 10 through 18. Ended up returning the Flip camera. It's just not good enough.
El Dorado Disc Golf Part 2
Holes 4 through 9.
El Dorado Disc Golf
I'm trying out my new Flip camera. Shot a full round, but only had time to put together the first three holes. The rest will come soon.