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Disc Golf at Greenway Park.......Feb 14th, 2011................DGOD!
Quick round of 9 at Greenway Park in Beaverton, Oregon. DGOD Super Tag
grace in motion
putting and falling
ript at east rooster
par attempt with bucket talking about it
new basket
me putting on the new basket from tater :)~
MTV Sports: Disc Golf 1994
This aired on MTV around 1994 or so.
rainbow springs disc golf
hole 14 pretty nice course down by mohican campgrounds, but the damn horse flies are CRAZY!!!! and as u see i found bambii , made this video to show m...
ace recap the day of
if u couldnt tell this is the moment after i got the ace on hole 16 at lincoln park in massillon, oh my second ace witch i later aced again the next ...
ace recap on hole 16 in massillon, oh at lincoln park(oak ledges)
another ace recap and sorry for miss speaking but its a parr 3 ,
Ace, the walk to retrieve
sorry the actual ace isnt on film but i didnt know i was gunna get one , so i usually get a post ace video just to keep a record of when it happened ....
The Sarge hole 18
lots of trees on this hole lol
The Sarge hole12
what a great course
sarge hole 1.3GP
on vacation in hilton head , luckily found a course to play
Rick's disc golf ace Lorriella
Ricky's Ace on hole 12
manic in the dome. throwing from press box
you can see crazy written all over this.....i'm the pyscho throwing my whole bag
2011 Do or Die Doubles Vidoes.AVI
Big Jim throwing hole 17 at Riverpark during the "Do or Die Doubles" DO OR DIE DOUBLES