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Hole # 15 @ Fallasburg
Driving off of the tee pad on 02/18/2012
Black & White Ypsilanit League Day Highlights
League Day highlights. Crank that resolution and enjoy. Black & White Bag Tag
Chill in the Ville 2012
Beatty Park Ice Bowl 2012 - Chill in the Ville
Kicking at Kirks: Disc Golf Trick shots
Part II of the Kicking it with Kirk series. Slinging discs at our homemade basket for some urban disc golf fun. South Georgia Disc Golf Association Bag Tag Challenge
Alex gavrilov ace
Surprise ace
Playing pickerington, ohio didn't hear chains .thought it was wide left since it skimmed a tree branch. A walked down hill I got a big surprise. Thats...
Black & White Disc Golf
This video was made from the collection of shots over the last year. I found the fun shots that we had and put them together to make a cool disc golf ... Black & White Bag Tag
Bones' never-ending approach shot, hole 7, Russ Pond, GA!
Ryan Ranch Monterey, CA 01-29-12
Watch closely where my disc ends up. I couldn't believe how it landed. I did eventually get it down. 168g Echo Star Katana
David Feldberg, Nikko Locastro, and Will Schusterick playing a round @ Dexter di
Dave Feldberg, Nikko Locastro, and Will Schusterick were passing through in their tour RV and decided to play a round at Dexter DGC outside of Eugene ...
Amazing FULL Power putt for Birdie
ThePolishRifleXII hits up his home course and powers a Nuke OS into the chains. South Georgia Disc Golf Association Bag Tag Challenge
First run ace
first ace on film brittian harison
Ice Bowl 2012
This is a highlight video of the 2012 Tulsa Ice Bowl. $12,518.50 was donated to the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma along with 531 lbs. of foo...
how to ace everytime
Kicking it at Kirks: Disc Golf Trick shots
ThePolishRifleXII gets together with Kirk for a day of disc Golf trick shots on the homemade basket. South Georgia Disc Golf Association Bag Tag Challenge
Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: 5 Tips to Save 5 Strokes
Disc golf pro Brad Schick boils down his years of success into five tips that can help you trim five throws from your next round.
2-1-12 What's In The Bag
my current bag. took out some discs to minimize things and disc down a bit for the time being. will toss quasars back in someday.
Disc Golf movie
Just a video I whipped up real quick
Keizer Rapids Precast Tee Pads
5x10 Precast Tee Pads