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2011 El Dorado Flight Pt 2 Disc Golf Tournament First Round Holes 7-12
Part 2 of the first round. "Super" Dave Bretado, Philo Brathwaite, Steve Sydock, and Clinton Thompkins.
2011 El Dorado Flight Pt 1 Disc Golf Tournament First Round Holes 1-6
I followed a fellow LMDC Club member through his first round. In the group are "Super" Dave Bretado, Philo Brathwaite, Clinton Thompkins, and Steve Sy...
Dean Rudibaugh Putting Machine
Under 2 year old world putting champ...unofficially, but likely:) he's a disc golf addict already. Makes mom and dad proud.
Disc Golf Ace - "deja vu"
#18 @ The 'Herm' 226 ft. 6/19/11
Lions Wilderness Disc Golf Hole #1. The first 9 holes are short, but great for beginners or intermediate players looking to hone their short shots. ...
Hudson Mills - 7/30/2011
Original Course - hole #4 Shorts
Hudson Mills 7/30/2011
Roc'n it out...
Roof Top ACE
My 8 year old son hits one from the roof..........who lets there kids do this anyways
freeland hole 14. actually
nice lil birdie here. boo yah!
Ring of Fire putting event
everyone putting at the same time