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Addison Oaks
Destroyer drive in 0 degrees wind chill...
Gods of Disc: Epic Trick Shot Battle 3
Saw this cool trick shot video with Avery Jenkins and Brody Smith online. Thought I'd share it with everyone else
We suck at Disc Golf...The road trip
My little brother and I Took a road trip to a couple of the courses around my House. We didn't do so hot lmao
Hole 9 Cold Brook Park
Andy SmithFactory throwing Hole 9 at Cold Brook Park.
Hole 24 Cold Brook Park
Al Schack throwing a R-Pro Dart on Hole 24 at Cold Brook Park.
Video of damage to hole # 14's basket.
End of a bad round.
Disc Golf: Urban Style
The guys get together again for some disc golf urban action. South Georgia Disc Golf Association Bag Tag Challenge