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Creig Getting Out of Trouble
Nice sidearm down the lane on Deerfield #13 Mt Pleasant Bag Tag Challenge 2012
Fuller Park Back 9
Beautiful Friday spent disc'n.
Fuller Park Front 9
Beautiful Friday Afternoon Disc'n
Testing Neutron Ions
Testing out MVP's new plastic.
Test Run
Creekside 7/25 Test running the new camera. Future videos will have many players and locations. Be sure to set your screen resolution to HD 720p.
Boettler Park
How not to putt.
victory park hole 10
wade "the force" parking hole 10 at victory park with a buzzz
first par!!
Stan hitting his putt for par on hole #5 at sims
Future Disc Golf World Champion
Stan the Man driving on hole #5 at sims park
Chiiinnnggg!!!! Part 2 (Disc Golf Video Part 2)
this is part 2!!!! some of my friends and i playing disc golf and havin good times. Disc Golf is an amazing sport and defiantly something to look into...
Portage Lakes Leagues
Few holes from a league round.
Throwing Arboretum
throwing arboretum with friends.