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2012 Friday Night Discin @ Stony Finals
Our top 4 Am's play a final round of switching teams partners skins. Players random draw for teams every time skins are won. The top TWO players will ... 2012 Friday Night Discin @ Stony
Flip City DGC
Let it fly...
Flip City DGC
Made it through the wooded fairway to hyzer out in the open field, easy approach to the pin for 3.
Flip City DGC
Firebird vs. The Wind...Firebird wins.
Flip City DGC
Destroyer park job on the signature hole...
Flip City DGC
Jay ripping a Boss...
Flip City DGC
Dave doing his thing...
Flip City
Aviar touch...
Flip City DGC
Jay's Aviar
Flip City DGC
Flip City DGC
Jay with a forehand rip
Victory Park Hole #10 EPIC FAIL!!!!!
Quarter K from PDGA, into the Kalamazoo River....
Frontflip trick shot
My brother Kyle
Two in the top
My brother Kyle
Backyard putt
Messing around in the backyard. My tablet doesn't like to record video and play music at the same time. I thought it was funny that right after i made...
Motor City Open - Womens Open Final Round
Sorry i missed the final putts. First time putting a movie together, enjoy. Motor City Open 2012
Disc Golf Video
This is the Life...
The Fake
Ethan's ace run 8-11-12
Deerfield hole18