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Dennis almost falls then loses his disc in the snow
Disc Golf in Africa " Week 4"
I make some progress with my goal of bringing Disc Golf to South Africa, I also capture some sweet practice 45ftrs on cam.
Disc Golf in Africa ""Week 2"
I capture some sweet views in and around CapeTown, South Africa
Disc Golf in Africa "Basketastic Travel Adventures"
I take the DISCatcher Travel basket all over CapeTown, make some sweet pressure putts and catch some sweet scenery!
Disc Golf in Africa "75ft Jump Putts and Table Mountain!"
I teach a few others to play and make some 75 Jump Putts with EPIC Views.
Disc Golf in Africa - "Its All about the Kids"
I travel to Stellenbosch and run into a group of local kids who are uber excited to learn about Disc Golf and how to throw.
. Interview with Sara Nicholson Augusta Classic 2012
Interview with Sara Nicholson Augusta Classic 2012 .
Bowden Macon Ga
Dany May, Shives and Mike Haney's first look at Bowden
Coggshall DG Park
Fitchburg, Massachusetts 11-6-2012
Disc Golf Live #51 pt 2 / Worlds 2012 Grandmasters and Tali Open
This episode concludes with action among the professional grandmaster men at last summer's PDGA World Championships in Charlotte, NC. That's a group o...