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PHP #2 - Hangman's Heave 2014
Five pros battle it out during the second round of a 1-day C-tier event in Penn Valley, Ca. Pro Players: Kelly "KG" Greenhoe, Joseph Parker, Kyle H... Hangman's Heave
Hole #8 Squamanagonic Rochester, NH
Crazy rock outcropped pin.
Eagle at Pymatuning
Here's me trying an ace run with my Eagle on hole 10 at Pymatuning. 300ft shot.
Viking turnover
This is me throwing my viking on hole 4 at Pymatuning. It was a decent turn over shot with the low ceiling branch. It went 330-350ft.
CTP practice
Here's a vid of Noel throwing a bunch of flicks on hole 10 at Pymatuning. She throws Firebird, Volt, Firebird, Banshee.
Squamanagonic Hole #17
Second shot from a short drive over a big hill
DIY disc golf basket
a 55 gallon drum and some scrap parts make a fairly nice basket!
Video 218756
Love disc golf… hate getting my disc from evil thorn bushes, tall greedy trees and reaching rivers… I make the Disc Dog Disc Grabber for myself a...
2014 Discraft Ace Race held by 24 Cha!ns Disc Golf on 8/2/2014. Another successful event in the books. This year we saw Steve Nolf walk away with the... Very Pirate Discraft Ace Race
Hole 6 long "moist" tee
Putter off the moist tee
Hole 17B
Hole 17 B pin, 11x KC eagle