HOT SHOTS of Daytona Beach disc golf

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yet another short compilation video. If you want the original video in its high quality format, I would be glad to put it on a disc for you. Youtube compresses the video down to a horrible quality for mass viewing. Email me at [email redacted] or just ask me at the park, and I will make you a copy.

by the way... C.Lenk's shot was with a putter.

and I must say, I really don't like this song, but I know everyone else does, and this video is not for me its for the players. Plus, it goes along with the theme of this vid.

ok, ejoy.
Tuscawilla Park
Daytona Beach, FL, USA
Nicholas "LUSH" Somppi › September 12, 2012 at 9:40pm
video of a bunch of missed shots...smh!
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