9 holes in the snow

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8 down on 9
Uploaded by Nate Simpson
Nate Simpson › January 27, 2011 at 10:35am
hole 1:about 390-400ft drive disc skipped about 40 feet towards basket missed 45-50ft putt
hole 2: parked it( i think its 23ish idk) all my drives were forehand today as on most days
hole 3: drove 290ish 2-25ft put between and through two trees
hole 4: 300 ish drive camera bug out and died on this one. putt was 25-30ft
cold makes the batteries fail fast. struggle with the lens opening and bats all day
hole 5: 180-200 up hill i think..... to the right side of basket about 13 ft out
hole 6: 270 to pin landed to the right 15-20 ft putt
hole 7: forehand anhyzer flips back over basket lands 20-25 out to right and slightly behind i think the hole is 180ish
hole 8; new tactic hard at the basket lands 20-25 right of basket
hole 9: forehand anhyzer was my favorite throw of the day approximately a foot from hearing chains my favorite throw of the day
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